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       This is the basic XS class to provide OpenXPKI with an OpenSSL based

       is the constructor. It requires no parameters.

       sets the	file name of the OpenSSL configuration.	This is	necessary if
       you want	to use a special engine	for the	parsing	of the crypto objects.

       is used to get access to	a cryptographic	object.	The following objects
       are supported today:

       o   CRL

       You must	specify	the type of the	object in the parameter	TYPE.
       Additionally you	must specify the format	if several different formats
       are supported. If you do	not do this then PEM is	assumed. The most
       important parameter is DATA which contains the plain object data	which
       must be parsed.

       The returned value can be a scalar or a reference. You must not use
       this value directly. You	have to	use the	functions get_object_function
       or free_object to access	the object.

       is used to execute functions on the object. The function	expects	two
       parameters the OBJECT and the FUNCTION which should be called. All
       functions have no parameters. The result	of the function	will be

       When parsing an X.509 certificate the NotBefore and NotAfter dates are
       returned	as hash	references containing the following keys:
	 raw	     =>	date as	returned by the	OpenSSL	parser
	 epoch	     =>	seconds	since the epoch
	 object	     =>	blessed	DateTime object	with TimeZone set to UTC
	 iso8601     =>	string containing the ISO8601 formatted	date (UTC)
	 openssltime =>	string containing an OpenSSL compatible	date string

       frees the object	internally. The	only parameter is the object which was
       returned	by get_object.

perl v5.32.0			  202OpenXPKI::Crypto::Backend::OpenSSL::XS(3)

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