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       This function is	the base class for all available OpenSSL commands from
       the OpenSSL command line	interface. All commands	are executed inside of
       the OpenSSL shell.

       is the constructor. The ENGINE and the TMP parameter must be always
       present.	All other parameters will be passed without any	checks to the
       hash of the class instance. The real checks must	be implemented by the
       commands	itself.

       Returns the filename of a temporary file.

	 my $tmpfile = $self->get_tmpfile();

       The files are created using File::Temp, handles are held	by the command
       base class to ensure the	files remain available while the class exists
       and are cleaned up when the command class is destroyed!

       NOTE: The synatax with arguments	to create one or multiple filename in
       the class namespace is no longer	supported!

       This function works exactly like	set_tmpfile but	without	any
       automatical prefixes or suffixes. The environment is also cleaned up

       performs	the cleanup of any temporary stuff like	files from get_tmpfile
       and environment variables from set_env.

       expects a RFC2253 compliant DN and returns an OpenSSL DN.

       The default handler returns the content of OUTFILE. Must	be overriden
       in the child class if a different handling is required. Will throw an
       exception if OUTFILE is not set,	not readable or	zero size.

perl v5.32.0			OpenXPKI::Crypto::Backend::OpenSSL::Command(3)

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