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NOAUTH(5)		      AFS File Reference		     NOAUTH(5)

       NoAuth -	Disables authorization checking

       The NoAuth file,	if present in a	server machine's /var/openafs
       directory, indicates to the AFS server processes	running	on the machine
       that it is not necessary	to perform authorization checking. They
       perform any action for any user who logs	into the machine's local file
       system or issues	a remote command that affects the machine's AFS	server
       functioning, such as commands from the AFS command suites. Because
       failure to check	authorization exposes the machine's AFS	server
       functionality to	attack,	there are normally only	two circumstances in
       which the file is present:

       o   During installation of the machine, as instructed in	the OpenAFS
	   Quick Start Guide.

       o   During correction of	a server encryption key	emergency, as
	   discussed in	the OpenAFS Administration Guide.

       In all other circumstances, the absence of the file means that the AFS
       server processes	perform	authorization checking,	verifying that the
       issuer of a command has the required privilege.

       Create the file in one of the following ways:

       o   By issuing the bosserver initialization command with	the -noauth
	   flag, if the	Basic OverSeer (BOS) Server is not already running.

       o   By issuing the bos setauth command with off as the value for	the
	   -authrequired argument, if the BOS Server is	already	running.

       To remove the file, issue the bos setauth command with "on" as the
       value for the -authrequired argument.

       The file's contents, if any, are	ignored; an empty (zero-length)	file
       is effective.

       bos_setauth(8), bosserver(8)

       IBM Corporation 2000. <> All Rights Reserved.

       This documentation is covered by	the IBM	Public License Version 1.0.
       It was converted	from HTML to POD by software written by	Chas Williams
       and Russ	Allbery, based on work by Alf Wachsmann	and Elizabeth Cassell.

OpenAFS				  2016-12-14			     NOAUTH(5)


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