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Net::FS::Flickr::AccesUser Contributed Perl DocumentNet::FS::Flickr::Access(3)

       Net::FS::Flickr::Access - a sub class of	Flickr::Upload with some
       convenience methods for Net::FS::Flickr

   get_token <frob>
       Given a frob get	an auth	token back

       Get a frob.

   get_nsid <name or email>
       Given a name or an email, return	a nsid

   get_photo <id>
       Given an	id, get	some info about	a photo

   get_nsid_from_token [token]
       Given an	auth token (either passed as an	argument or via	"set_auth")
       return an nsid

   get_photos <nsid>
       Get all the photos from a given nsid

   get_count <nsid>
       Get the number of photos	that an	nsid has

   get_person <nsid>
       Given a person, get info	about them

   new_set <name> <photo id>
       Create a	new set	with the given name and	the given photo	as the primary

       Return all the sets that	the current auth key has

       Returns a list of hash refs with	the id and title as keys.

   add_to_set <set id> <photo id>
       Add a photo to a	set

   get_set_photos <set id>
       Return a	list of	photos from a set

       Returns a hashref with the server, secret, id and timestamp as keys

       Simon Wistow <>

       Copyright 2006, Simon Wistow

perl v5.32.1			  2021-08-27	    Net::FS::Flickr::Access(3)


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