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       Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::Command::RetrieveResults - Retrieves
       answer data.

	       input	=> "loadhits-success.csv",
	       output	=> "loadhits-results.csv",
	       progress	=> \*STDOUT


       Retrieves the available answers for each	HITId in input and stores the
       answers in output.

	  input	- The input parameter is something which should	produce	rows of	data
		  (hashes) with	at least one column named HITId.  The case does	not
		  matter, however all rows should use the same column name.  Row 1
		  should not have hitid, if row	2 has HITId.  This parameter may be
		  of the following types:

		     - Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::RowData
		     - An array	of hashes.
		       (This is	internally converted into an object of type:
		     - A reference to a	subroutine.  When the retrieveResults
		       method asks for row data, the subroutine	will be	called and
		       passed a	subroutine reference, which should be called
		       for every row generated by the input.  The generated row
		       should be a hash	reference.
		       (This is	internally converted into an object of type
		     - The name	of a file.  The	file should be either a	CSV or
		       tab delimited file.  If the file	name ends with '.csv',
		       it will read as a CSV, otherwise	it is assumed to be
		       tab delimited. The first	row in the file	should contain
		       the column names.  Each subsequence row becomes a hash
		       reference based on the column names.
		       (This is	internally converted into an object of type

	   output - Used to write answer information back to some form of data
		    storage. This parameter may	be of the following types:
		     - A filename. The answers for an assignment will be
		       written to the file name	as a delimited file.  It
		       will be a CSV file if the file name ends	with .csv,
		       otherwise it will be a tab delimited file.
		       The file	will have the following	named columns:


		     There will	be unnamed columns after those.	 These columns will
		     come in pairs.  A pair will have a	question id and	then
		     a textual form of the answer, for that question.

		     - A subroutine.  The subroutine will be called back with
		       a hash containing the following values:
			   - mturk	- A handle to the mturk	client.
			   - HITId	- The HITId for	the assignment.
			   - row	- The row from the input.
			   - assignment	- An assignment	object as returned by

perl v5.32.0	      Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::Command::RetrieveResults(3)

NAME | SYNOPSIS | "retrieveResults"

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