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Net::Whois::Object::InUseraContributed Perl Net::Whois::Object::Information(3)

       Net::Whois::Object::Information - an object representation of the RPSL
       Information block

       output starting with the	% sign is either a server response code	or an
       informational message. A	comment	contains a white space after the %
       sign, while server messages start right after the % sign. Please	see
       Appendix	A2 "RIPE Database response codes and messages" for more

       * An empty line ("\n\n")	is an object delimiter.

       * Two empty lines mean the end of a server response. The	"members:"
       attribute lists the members of the set.	The "members:" attribute is a
       list of AS numbers, or other as-set names.

   new ( @options )
       Constructor for the Net::Whois::Object::Information class

   comment( [$comment] )
       Accessor	to the comment attribute.  Accepts an optional comment to be
       added to	the comment array, always return the current comment array.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-01-23Net::Whois::Object::Information(3)


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