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IP(3)		      User Contributed Perl Documentation		 IP(3)

       Net::Whois::IP -	Perl extension for looking up the whois	information
       for ip addresses

	 use Net::Whois::IP qw(whoisip_query);

	 my $ip	= "";
       #Response will be a reference to	a hash containing all information
       #provided by the	whois registrar
       #The array_of_responses is a reference to an array containing references
       #to hashes containing each level	of query done.	For example,
       #many records have to be	searched several times to
       #get to the correct information,	this array contains the	responses
       #from each level
	 my ($response,$array_of_responses) = whoisip_query($ip,$optional_multiple_flag,$optional_raw_flag,$option_array_of_search_options);
       #if $optional_multiple_flag is not null,	all possible responses for a give record will be returned
       #for example, normally only the last instance of	Tech phone will	be give	if record
       #contains more than one,	however, setting this flag to a	not null will return both is an	array.
       #The other consequence, is that all records returned become references to an array and must be
       #dereferenced to	utilize
       #if $optional_raw_flag is not null, response will be a reference	to an array containing the raw
       #response from the registrar instead of a reference to a	hash.
       #If $option_array_of_search_options is not null,	the first two entries will be used to replace
       #TechPhone and OrgTechPhone is the search method.  This is fairly dangerous, and	can
       #cause the module not to	work at	all if set incorrectly

       #Normal unwrap of $response ($optional_multiple_flag not	set)
	my $response = whoisip_query($ip);
	foreach	(sort keys(%{$response}) ) {
		  print	"$_ $response->{$_} \n";

       #$optional_multiple_flag	set to a value my $response = whoisip_query(
       $ip,"true"); foreach ( sort keys	%$response ){
		 print "$_ is\n";
		 foreach ( @{ $response->{ $_ }	} ) {
			     print "  $_\n";
		 } }

       #$optional_raw_flag set to a value my $response = whoisip_query(
       $ip,"","true"); foreach (@{$response}) {
		 print $_; }

       #$optonal_array_of_search_options set but not $optional_multiple_flag
       or $optional_raw_flag my	$search_options	= ["NetName","OrgName"]; my
       $response = whois_query($ip,"","",$search_options); foreach (sort
       keys(%{$response}) ) {
		  print	"$_ $response->{$_} \n"; }

       Perl module to allow whois lookup of ip addresses.  This	module should
       recursively query the various whois providers until it gets the more
       detailed	information including either TechPhone or OrgTechPhone by
       default;	however, this is overrideable.

       Ben Schmitz --

       Thanks to Orbitz	for allowing the community access to this work

       Please email me any suggestions,	complaints, etc.

       perl(1).	 Net::Whois

perl v5.32.0			  2016-01-07				 IP(3)


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