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Net::SenderBase::ResulUser)Contributed Perl DocumenNet::SenderBase::Results(3)

       Net::SenderBase::Results	- Results of a senderbase query

	 print "Results	for: ",	$results->ip, "\n",
	       "Monthly	Average	Magnitude: ",
		  $results->ip_monthly_magnitude, "\n",
	       "Daily Average Magnitude: ",
		  $results->ip_daily_magnitude,	"\n";

       This module is a	read-only results object, giving you access to the
       results of a senderbase query. The only way to construct	one of these
       objects is from a query.

       Some of the items here are future enhancements to senderbase that are
       not yet implemented. See	<>
       for further details.

       Returns the IP address you queried.

       Returns the raw data for	the query, as returned by senderbase.

       The senderbase version number. Supports upgrade path to future versions
       of SenderBase DNS responses

       Organization Name - An entity controlling a group of mail servers and
       one or many domains

       A measure of message volume calculated using a log scale	with a base of
       10. The maximum theoretical value of the	scale is set to	10 (100% of
       the world's message vol.)

       Same as Response	"org_daily_magnitude", except based on monthly
       percentages instead of daily percentages.

       10 digit	unique numeric identifier for an organization.

       Category	of organization	(e.g, ISP, Airline, News, Adult, Commercial
       Bank, etc). Assigned by IronPort, using external	sources	like OneSource
       where appropriate.

       Date as standard	UNIX time format (seconds since	epoch).	(New, high-
       volume organizations may	be suspicious)

       # of domains closely associated with this organization

       # of IP's an organization controls

       Every IP	we track in SenderBase that has	sent mail and is closely
       associated with this org

       Either "Y" or "N".

       F1000 = less likely to be spam.

       hostname	(just the part preceeding the domain name, e.g., "smtp." in
       the case	of "")

       Do a reverse then forward DNS lookup. If	successful, then "Y",
       otherwise "N".

       Same as "org_daily_magnitude", except based on domains.

       Same as "org_monthly_magnitude",	except based on	domains.

       Date of the first message from this domain. Date	is in standard unix
       time format, i.e. number	of seconds since the epoch.

       IronPort's editorial opinion on the quality of mail sent	by a domain
       (Uses scale of AAA, AA, A, similar to credit rating services)

       Same as "org_daily_magnitude", except based on IPs.

       Same as "org_monthly_magnitude",	except based on	IPs.

       The average magnitude for this IP since SenderBase began	tracking

       The last	30 days	of volume as a percentage of total historical volume.

       "Y" if the IP address is	in bonded sender, otherwise "N". Also returns
       "Y+" on some occasions -	no idea	why ;-)

       The CIDR	range associated with this IP in whois.

       # positive blacklist responses /	# blacklists tracked by	SenderBase

       The city	associated with	this IP

       The US state associated with this IP

       The postal code associated with this IP

       The country associated with this	IP

       The longitude associated	with this IP

       The latitude associated with this IP

perl v5.32.0			  2011-07-20	   Net::SenderBase::Results(3)


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