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Net::OAI::Record::DocuUserHContributed PerlNet::OAI::Record::DocumentHelper(3)

       Net::OAI::Record::DocumentHelper	- filter class for fine	tuning
       document	events and collecting processing results

	$filter	= Net::OAI::Record::DocumentHelper->new(
	   Handler => 'XML::SAX::Writer'
	   provideDocumentEvents => 1,
       # since XML::SAX::Writer->new() returns objects of a differentClass
	   dontVerifyHandler =>	1,
	$records = $harvester->listRecords(
	       'metadataPrefix'	 => 'oai_dc',
	       'metadataHandler' => $filter;

	$builder = XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder->new();
	$helper	= Net::OAI::Recrd::DocumentHelper->new(
	   Handler => $builder,
	   provideDocumentEvents => 1,
	   finalizeHook	=> sub { return	$_[0]->finalize()->serialize() }
	$records = $harvester->listRecords(
	       'metadataPrefix'	 => 'oai_dc',
	       'metadataHandler' => $helper;

       This helper class acts as a SAX filter and can be used as recordHandler
       or metadataHandler for Net::OAI::Harvester->listRecord()	or getRecord()
       requests	or within a SAX	filter chain.

       The Handler may be a class name,	in which case a	new object of that
       class is	created	on instantiation of a DocumentHelper object, or	an
       existing	SAX filter which then will be reused. (In this case it is your
       responsibility to use only filters which	support	the processing of
       multiple	documents by one instance.)

       If the option "provideDocumentEvents" is	set to a true value, the
       filter will generate start_document() and end_document()	events.

       If the (exlusive	to the previous) option	"suppressDocumentEvents" is
       set to a	true value, the	filter will stop start_document() and
       end_document() events from propagating up the chain.

       If the option "dontVerifyHandler" is set	to a true value, class sanity
       checks for existing or freshly created ones are skipped.

       The option "finalizeHook" may specify a callback	for postprocessing the
       result just after an end_document() event has been forwarded. It	is
       called with two arguments, the handler object and the result of the
       forwarded end_document()	and should return something suitable for
       processing with Storable.

   new(	%options )
       Creates a Handler suitable as recordHandler or metadataHandler or
       intermediate filter.

   result ( )
       Returns the result of the last end_document() forwarded to the handler,
       usually this is the result of some sort of finalizing process.

       Thomas Berger <>

perl v5.32.1			  2016-01-2Net::OAI::Record::DocumentHelper(3)


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