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Net::Google::Calendar:UserdContributed Perl Net::Google::Calendar::FeedLink(3)

       Net::Google::Calendar::FeedLink - represents a link to a	feed

	   my @feeds = $comments->feeds;

	   foreach my $feed (@feeds) {
	       print "There are	".$feed->count_hint." comments in this feed\n";
	       print "Is this feed read	only? ".$feed->read_only."\n";
	       print "This feed	".(($feed->href)? "is" : "isn't" )." remote\n";
	       print "This feed	is of type ".$feed->rel."\n";

	       my $atom	= $cal->get_feed($feed->feed); # $obj is an XML::Atom::Feed
	       foreach my $comment ($atom->entries) {
		   print "\t".$comment->title."\n";

       Create a	new FeedLink

       Hints at	the number of entries in the feed.  Depending on the
       implementation, may not be a precise count.

       Return our Element name

   read_only  [boolean]
       Specifies whether the contained feed is read-only.

   rel [rel]
       Specifies the link relation; allows the service to provide multiple
       types of	feed links for a single	entity.	Has the	same semantics and
       allowed values as the rel attribute of the <atom:link> element.

   href	[url]
       Specifies the feed URI. If the nested feed is embedded and not linked,
       this attribute may be omitted.

   feed	[feed]
       Get the Atom feed.

       Returns a URI object if the feed	is remote or a scalar containing an
       XML::Atom::Feed object

perl v5.32.1			  2021-03-02Net::Google::Calendar::FeedLink(3)


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