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       Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::Command::AddRetry -	Adds retry support for
       MechanicalTurk API calls.

       This module adds	the addRetry method to the Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk

	   # Tells the MechanicalTurk client to	retry API calls	for all	operations,
	   # up	to 5 times with	10 second interval delays, any time a ServiceUnavailable
	   # error occurs.

	       operations => qr/./i,
	       errorCodes => qr/ServiceUnavailable/i,
	       maxTries	  => 5,
	       delay	  => 10


       Add retry for operations	based on error codes. The following parameters
       are required:

	   operations -	A regular expression matching the operations the retry should be for.
	   errorCodes -	A regular expression matching the errorCodes the retry should be for.
	   maxTries   -	The maximum number of times the	operation will be retried, before
			letting	the error propogate.
	   delay      -	The number of seconds to wait between each retry.  The number may be

       Note: using the qr// operator to	pass regular expressions is the
       preferred method.

perl v5.32.0		     Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::Command::AddRetry(3)

NAME | SYNOPSIS | "addRetry"

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