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Net::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny(User Contributed Perl DocumentatNet::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny(3)

       Net::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny - HTTP client for Net::ACME

	   use Net::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny;

	   my $http = Net::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny->new();

	   #NOTE: Unlike HTTP::Tinyas method, this will	die() if the HTTP
	   #session itself fails--for example, if the network connection was
	   #interrupted. These will be Net::ACME2::X::HTTP::Network instances.
	   #This also fails on HTTP errors (4xx	and 5xx). The errors are
	   #instances of Net::ACME2::X::HTTP::Protocol.
	   my $resp_obj	= $http->post_form( $the_url, \%the_form_post );

       This module largely duplicates the work of "HTTP::Tiny::UA", just
       without the dependency on "" (which	brings in a mess of
       other undesirables).

       The chief benefit is that "request()" and related methods will return
       instances of "HTTP::Tiny::UA::Response" rather than simple hashes.

       This also always	verifies remote	SSL connections	and always "die()"s if
       either the network connection fails or the protocol indicates an	error
       (4xx or 5xx).

perl v5.32.1			  2020-04-13	      Net::ACME2::HTTP_Tiny(3)


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