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Munin::Node::Service(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiMunin::Node::Service(3)

       Munin::Node::Service - Methods related to handling of Munin services

	my $services = Munin::Node::Service->new(timeout => 30);
	if ($services->is_a_runnable_service($file_name)) {

	    my $services = Munin::Node::Service->new(%args);

	   Constructor.	 All arguments are optional.  Valid arguments are:

		   The directory that will be searched for services.

	   "defuser", "defgroup"
		   The default uid and gid that	services will run as.
		   Service-specific user and group directives (as set by the
		   service configuration files)	will override this.

		   The default timeout for services.  Services taking longer
		   than	this to	run will be killed.  Service-specific timeouts
		   will	(as set	in the service configuration files) will
		   override this value.

	    my $bool = $services->is_a_runnable_service($file_name);

	   Runs	miscellaneous tests on $file_name in the service directory, to
	   try and establish whether it	is a runnable service.

	     my	@services = $services->list;

	   Returns a list of all the runnable services in the directory.


	   Carries out various tasks that plugins require before being run,
	   such	as loading service configurations and exporting	common
	   environment variables.


	   Exports all the environment variables specific to service $service.


	   Changes the current process'	effective group	and user IDs to	those
	   specified in	the configuration, or the default user or group
	   otherwise.  Also changes the	real group and user IDs	if the
	   operating system supports it.

	   On failure, causes the process to exit.

	    $service->exec_service($service, [$argument]);

	   Replaces the	current	process	with an	instance of service $service
	   in $directory, running with the correct environment and privileges.

	   This	function never returns.	 The process will exit(2) if the
	   service to be run failed the	paranoia check.

	    $result = $service->fork_service($service, [$argument]);

	   Identical to	exec_service(),	except it runs the service in a
	   subprocess.	If the service takes longer than the timeout, it will
	   be terminated.

	   Returns a hash reference containing (among other things) the
	   service's output and	exit value.  (See documentation	for
	   run_as_child() in Munin::Node::Service for a	comprehensive

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-27	       Munin::Node::Service(3)


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