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Munin::Master::LimitsOUser)Contributed Perl DocumenMunin::Master::LimitsOld(3)

       Munin::Master::LimitsOld	- Abstract base	class for workers.

       This is Munin::Master::LimitsOld, a minimal package shell to make
       munin-limits modular (so	it can be loaded persistently in a daemon for
       example)	without	making it object oriented yet.	The non-'old' module
       will feature proper object orientation like munin-update	and will have
       to wait until later.

       Get a list of severities, and return a sorted, lower cased, unique and
       validated list of severities.

       Expects and returns an array reference.

       If none of the severities given are on the allowed_severities list, it
       will return a reference to an empty array.

perl v5.32.1			  2021-03-01	   Munin::Master::LimitsOld(3)


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