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MooX::ConfigFromFile(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiMooX::ConfigFromFile(3)

       MooX::ConfigFromFile - Moo eXtension for	initializing objects from
       config file

	  package Role::Action;

	  use Moo::Role;

	  has operator => ( is => "ro" );

	  package Action;

	  use Moo;
	  use MooX::ConfigFromFile; # imports the MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role

	  with "Role::Action";

	  sub operate {	return say shift->operator; }

	  package OtherAction;

	  use Moo;

	  with "Role::Action", "MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role";

	  sub operate {	return warn shift->operator; }

	  package QuiteOtherOne;

	  use Moo;

	  # consumes the MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role but	load config only once
	  use MooX::ConfigFromFile config_singleton => 1;

	  with "Role::Action";

	  sub _build_config_prefix { "die" }

	  sub operate {	return die shift->operator; }

	  package main;

	  my $action = Action->new(); #	tries to find a	config file in config_dirs and loads it
	  my $other = OtherAction->new(	config_prefix => "warn"	); # use another config	file
	  my $quite_o =	QuiteOtherOne->new(); #	quite another way to have an individual	config file

       This module is intended to easy load initialization values for
       attributes on object construction from an appropriate config file. The
       building	is done	in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role -	using
       MooX::ConfigFromFile ensures the	role is	applied.

       For easier usage, with 0.004, several options can be passed via use
       resulting in default initializers for appropriate role attributes:

	   Default for "config_prefix" in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role.

	   Default for "config_prefixes" in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role.	Ensure
	   when	use this flag together with MooX::Cmd to load
	   "MooX::ConfigFromFile" before "MooX::Cmd".

	   Default for "config_prefix_map_separator" in

	     package Foo;

	     # apply role MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role and override default for
	     # attribute config_prefix_map_separator
	     use MooX::ConfigFromFile config_prefix_map_separator => "~";


	   Default for "config_extensions" in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role.

	   Default for "config_dirs" in	MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role.  Same
	   warning regarding modifying this attribute applies here: Possible,
	   but use with	caution!

	     package Foo;

	     use MooX::ConfigFromFile config_dirs => [qw(/opt/foo/etc /home/alfred/area/foo/etc)];


	   Default for "config_files" in MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role.

	   Reasonable when you want exactly one	config file in development
	   mode.  For production code it is highly recommended to override the

	   Flag	adding a wrapper around	the builder of "loaded_config" in
	   MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role to ensure	a config is loaded only	once
	   per class. The per class restriction	results	from applicable
	   modifiers per class (and singletons are per class).

	   Default for "config_identifier" in MooX::File::ConfigDir.

	     package Foo;

	     # apply role MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role and override default for
	     # attribute config_identifier - means to look e.g.	in /etc/foo/
	     use MooX::ConfigFromFile config_identifier	=> "foo";


	   Consumes role MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role::HashMergeLoaded directly
	   after MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role has	been consumed.

       Jens Rehsack, "<rehsack at>"

       Please report any bugs or feature requests to "bug-moox-configfromfile
       at",	or through the web interface at
       I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of
       progress	on your	bug as I make changes.

       You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

	   perldoc MooX::ConfigFromFile

       You can also look for information at:

       o   RT: CPAN's request tracker (report bugs here)


       o   AnnoCPAN: Annotated CPAN documentation


       o   CPAN	Ratings


       o   Search CPAN


       Copyright 2013-2018 Jens	Rehsack.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published
       by the Free Software Foundation;	or the Artistic	License.

       See <> for more information.

perl v5.32.0			  2018-05-01	       MooX::ConfigFromFile(3)


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