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Module::Install::AdminUsercContributed Perl Module::Install::Admin::Include(3)

       Module::Install::Admin::Include - include methods for Module::Install

       Grabs everything	in this	module's build_requires	and attempts to
       include everything (at the whole	distribution level) recursively.

   include_dependent_dists $package
       Given a module package name, recursively	include	every package that
       module needs.

   include_one_dist $module
       Given a module name, $module, figures out which modules are in the dist
       containing that module and copies all those files to ./inc. I bet
       there's a way to	harness	smarter	logic from PAR.

       Given a module name, returns the	file on	CPAN containing	its latest

       Takes the output	of CPAN::Module->cpan_file and return all the modules
       that knows are in that dist. There's probably a better way
       using CPANPLUS

perl v5.24.1			  2017-04-04Module::Install::Admin::Include(3)


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