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Units(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	      Units(3)

       Math::Units - Unit conversion

       use Math::Units qw(convert);

       my $out_value = convert($in_value, 'in unit', 'out unit');

       The Math::Units module converts a numeric value in one unit of
       measurement to some other unit.	The units must be compatible, i.e.
       length can not be converted to volume.  If a conversion can not be made
       an exception is thrown.

       A combination chaining and reduction algorithm is used to perform the
       most direct unit	conversion possible.  Units may	be written in several
       different styles.  An abbreviation table	is used	to convert from	common
       long-form unit names to the (more or less) standard abbreviations that
       the units module	uses internally.  All multiplicative unit conversions
       are cached so that future conversions can be performed very quickly.

       Too many	units, prefixes	and abbreviations are supported	to list	here.
       See the source code for a complete listing.

       I beleive this module has great potential, if you have any ideas	or
       patches feel free to submit them	to

       'units' program test like 'gunits'

       other tests

       POD about what units/abbr/etc can be used with the function

       general cleanup

       Mr. Fox's original TODO:

       1. There	should be a set	of routines for	adding new unit	formulas,
	  reductions and conversions.

       2. Some conversions can be automatically	generated from a reduction.
	  has to be done carefully because conversions are bi-directional
	  reductions *must* be consistently uni-directional.)

       3. It would be nice to simplify the default conversions using the
	  yet-to-be-written solution to	#2.

       4. There	are many units (several	in the GNU unit	program	for example)
	  aren't defined here.	Since I	was (un)fortunately born in the	U.S.,
	  have a(n) (in)correct	belief of what the standard units are.	Please
	  me know if I've messed anything up!

       print "5	mm == ", convert(5, 'mm', 'in'), " inches\n"; print "72
       degrees Farenheit == ", convert(72, 'F',	'C'), "	degrees	Celsius\n";
       print "1	gallon == ", convert(1,	'gallon', 'cm^3'), " cubic
       centimeters\n"; print "4500 rpm == ", convert(4500, 'rpm', 'Hz'), "

perl v5.32.1			  2008-07-25			      Units(3)


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