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Marpa::PP::Semantics::UserrContributed Perl DocuMarpa::PP::Semantics::Order(3)

       Marpa::PP::Semantics::Order - How Marpa Ranks Ambiguous Parses

       This document details the order in which	the recognizer's "value"
       method returns parse results.  The same mechanism allows	the selection
       of parse	results.  It can also be exploited to do the actual processing
       of parses, using	side effects.

   Duplicate Parses are	Eliminated
       In a single parse series, Marpa will never return the same parse	result
       twice.  Marpa regards two parses	as being the same if they are semantic

       Two parses are semantic duplicates if a recursive, top-down evaluation
       of each applies the same	rules in the same order	at the same earleme
       locations.  When	this is	the case, a deterministic semantics will
       always produce the same value for both parses --	hence the term
       "semantic duplicate".  When the Marpa documentation refers to duplicate
       parses, it will mean semantic duplicates	unless otherwise stated.

   Default Parse Order
       By calling the recognizer's "value" method repeatedly, Marpa can
       produce all the parse results for a given parse.	 The default is	for
       the parse results to be returned	in an arbitrary	order.	This
       corresponds to the ""none"" value of the	recognizer's "ranking_method"
       named argument.

   A General Approach to Sorting Parses
       The most	general	way to sort Marpa parses is for	the application	to
       take control.  The application can set up the Marpa semantic actions so
       that the	value of every parse result is a "<rank, true_value>" duple.
       The duples can then be sorted by	"rank".	 Once the resuls are sorted,
       the "rank" element of the duple can be discarded.  (Those familiar with
       the Schwartzian transform may note a resemblance.  In Perl, duples can
       be implemented as references to arrays of 2 elements.)

       The user	needs to be careful.  In theory, ambiguity can cause an
       exponential explosion in	the number of results.	In practice, ambiguity
       tends to	get out	of hand	very easily.  Producing	and sorting all	the
       parses can take a very long time.

   The Constant	Ranking	Method
       In the past, Marpa supported a method of	sorting	parses,	called the
       Constant	Ranking	Method.	 The Constant Ranking Method is	now severely
       deprecated.  It is unsupported and its documentation has	been removed.

	 Copyright 2012	Jeffrey	Kegler
	 This file is part of Marpa::PP.  Marpa::PP is free software: you can
	 redistribute it and/or	modify it under	the terms of the GNU Lesser
	 General Public	License	as published by	the Free Software Foundation,
	 either	version	3 of the License, or (at your option) any later	version.

	 Marpa::PP is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
	 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even	the implied warranty of
	 Lesser	General	Public License for more	details.

	 You should have received a copy of the	GNU Lesser
	 General Public	License	along with Marpa::PP.  If not, see

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-02	Marpa::PP::Semantics::Order(3)


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