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Map.OrderedType(3)		 OCaml library		    Map.OrderedType(3)

       Map.OrderedType - Input signature of the	functor	Map.Make.

Module type
       Module type   Map.OrderedType

       Module type OrderedType
	= sig end

       Input signature of the functor Map.Make .

       type t

       The type	of the map keys.

       val compare : t -> t -> int

       A  total	ordering function over the keys.  This is a two-argument func-
       tion f such that	f e1 e2	is zero	if the keys e1 and e2 are equal, f  e1
       e2  is  strictly	 negative  if  e1  is smaller than e2 ,	and f e1 e2 is
       strictly	positive if e1 is greater than e2 .  Example: a	 suitable  or-
       dering  function	 is  the generic structural comparison function	Perva- .

OCamldoc			  2017-04-30		    Map.OrderedType(3)

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