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       Mail::SpamAssassin::PersistentAddrList -	persistent address list	base

	 my $factory = PersistentAddrListSubclass->new();
	 $spamtest->set_persistent_addr_list_factory ($factory);
	 ... call into SpamAssassin classes...

       SpamAssassin will call:

	 my $addrlist =	$factory->new_checker($spamtest);
	 $entry	= $addrlist->get_addr_entry ($addr);

       All persistent address list implementations, used by the	auto-whitelist
       code to track known-good	email addresses, use this as a base class.

       See "Mail::SpamAssassin::DBBasedAddrList" for an	example.

       $factory	= PersistentAddrListSubclass->new();
	   This	creates	a factory object, which	SpamAssassin will call to
	   create a new	checker	object for the persistent address list.

       my $addrlist = $factory->new_checker();
	   Create a new	address-list checker object from the factory. Called
	   by the SpamAssassin classes.

       $entry =	$addrlist->get_addr_entry ($addr);
	   Given an email address $addr, return	an entry object	with the
	   details of that address.

	   The entry object is a reference to a	hash, which must contain at
	   least two keys: "count", which is the count of times	that address
	   has been encountered	before;	and "totscore",	which is the total of
	   all scores for messages associated with that	address.  From these
	   two fields, an average score	will be	calculated, and	the score for
	   the current message will be regressed towards that mean message

	   The hash can	contain	whatever other data your back-end needs	to
	   store, under	other keys.

	   The method should never return "undef", or a	hash that does not
	   contain a "count" key and a "totscore" key.

       $entry =	$addrlist->add_score($entry, $score);
	   This	method should add the given score to the whitelist database
	   for the given entry,	and then return	the new	entry.

       $entry =	$addrlist->remove_entry	($entry);
	   This	method should remove the given entry from the whitelist

       $entry =	$addrlist->finish ();
	   Clean up, if	necessary.  Called by SpamAssassin when	it has
	   finished checking, or adding	to, the	auto-whitelist database.

perl v5.32.0			  202Mail::SpamAssassin::PersistentAddrList(3)


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