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MPI_INFO_ENV(3)			   Open	MPI		       MPI_INFO_ENV(3)

       MPI_INFO_ENV  - Static MPI_Info object containing info about the	appli-

       The  MPI-3  standard  established  a  static  MPI_Info	object	 named
       MPI_INFO_ENV  that  can be used to access information about how the ap-
       plication was executed from the run-time.

       command	 If available, the value will be set to	argv[0]. Note that the
		 value	may  not always	be available - e.g., it	is valid for a
		 program to call MPI_Init with NULL parameters,	in which  case
		 argv[0]  will	not  be	 set if	run as a singleton. This value
		 will never be set in a	Fortran	program	as the	argv  are  not

       argv	 The  argv  given  for	the  application.  If no arguments are
		 passed	to the application, then this value will not  be  set.
		 It will also not be set in the	case of	a singleton that calls
		 MPI_Init with NULL parameters,	or a Fortran program.

       maxprocs	 The number of processes in the	job.

       soft	 Open MPI does not support the soft option for specifying  the
		 number	 of  processes to be executed, so this value is	set to
		 the same as maxprocs.

       host	 The name of the host this process is  executing  upon	-  the
		 value returned	from gethostname().

       arch	 The  architecture of the host this process is executing upon.
		 This value indicates the underlying chip architecture	(e.g.,
		 x86_64), if it	can be determined.

       wdir	 The  working  directory  at  the  time	 of  process launch by
		 mpiexec. Note that this value will not	be set	for  processes
		 launched  as  singletons  as there is no reliable way for the
		 MPI library to	determine the location.

       file	 Although specified by the MPI-3 standard, no  value  is  cur-
		 rently	set for	this field.

		 The  requested	 MPI  thread level - note that this may	differ
		 from the actual MPI thread level of the application.

		 The number of application contexts in an MPMD job.   This  is
		 an Open MPI-specific field and	value.

       ompi_np	 The number of processes in each application context, provided
		 as a space-delimited list of integers.	 This is an Open  MPI-
		 specific field	and value.

		 The  MPI  rank	 of the	first process in each application con-
		 text, provided	as a space-delimited list of integers This  is
		 an Open MPI-specific field and	value.

		 If  Open MPI was asked	to pre-position	files, this field pro-
		 vides the top-level directory where those files  were	place.
		 This is an Open MPI-specific field and	value.

       When  calling  MPI_INFO_GET(3),	the flag parameter will	be set to zero
       (false) if a value for the field	has not	been set.


3.1.6				 Mar 18, 2020		       MPI_INFO_ENV(3)


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