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LaTeXML::Core::WhatsitUser Contributed Perl DocumentaLaTeXML::Core::Whatsit(3)

       "LaTeXML::Core::Whatsit"	- Representations of digested objects.

       represents a digested object that can generate arbitrary	elements in
       the XML Document.  It extends LaTeXML::Core::Box.

       Note that the font is stored in the data	properties under 'font'.

       "$defn =	$whatsit->getDefinition;"
	   Returns the LaTeXML::Core::Definition responsible for creating

       "$value = $whatsit->getProperty($key);"
	   Returns the value associated	with $key in the $whatsit's property

	   Sets	the $value associated with the $key in the $whatsit's property

       "$props = $whatsit->getProperties();"
	   Returns the hash of properties stored on this Whatsit.  (Note that
	   this	hash is	modifiable).

       "$props = $whatsit->setProperties(%keysvalues);"
	   Sets	several	properties, like setProperty.

       "$list =	$whatsit->getArg($n);"
	   Returns the $n-th argument (starting	from 1)	for this $whatsit.

       "@args =	$whatsit->getArgs;"
	   Returns the list of arguments for this $whatsit.

	   Sets	the list of arguments for this $whatsit	to @args (each arg
	   should be a "LaTeXML::Core::List").

       "$list =	$whatsit->getBody;"
	   Return the body for this $whatsit. This is only defined for
	   environments	or top-level math formula.  The	body is	stored in the
	   properties under 'body'.

	   Sets	the body of the	$whatsit to the	boxes in @body.	 The last $box
	   in @body is assumed to represent the	`trailer', that	is the result
	   of the invocation that closed the environment or math.  It is
	   stored separately in	the properties under 'trailer'.

       "$list =	$whatsit->getTrailer;"
	   Return the trailer for this $whatsit. See "setBody".

       Bruce Miller <>

       Public domain software, produced	as part	of work	done by	the United
       States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.

perl v5.32.1			  2021-08-13	     LaTeXML::Core::Whatsit(3)


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