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LaTeXML::Core::Box(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationLaTeXML::Core::Box(3)

       "LaTeXML::Core::Box" - Representations of digested objects; extends

   Exported Functions
       "$box = Box($string,$font,$locator,$tokens);"
	   Creates a Box representing the $string in the given $font.  The
	   $locator records the	document source	position.  The $tokens is a
	   Tokens list containing the TeX that created (or could have) the
	   Box.	 If $font or $locator are undef, they are obtained from	the
	   currently active LaTeXML::Core::State.  Note	that $string can be
	   undef which contributes nothing to the generated document, but does
	   record the TeX code (in $tokens).

       "$font =	$digested->getFont;"
	   Returns the font used by $digested.

       "$boole = $digested->isMath;"
	   Returns whether $digested was created in math mode.

       "@boxes = $digested->unlist;"
	   Returns a list of the boxes contained in $digested.	It is also
	   defined for the Boxes and Whatsit (which just return	themselves) so
	   they	can stand-in for a List.

       "$string	= $digested->toString;"
	   Returns a string representing this $digested.

       "$string	= $digested->revert;"
	   Reverts the box to the list of "Token"s that	created	(or could have
	   created) it.

       "$string	= $digested->getLocator;"
	   Get an object describing the	location in the	original source	that
	   gave	rise to	$digested.

	   $digested should get	itself absorbed	into the $document in whatever
	   way is apppropriate.

       "$string	= $box->getString;"
	   Returns the string part of the $box.

       Bruce Miller <>

       Public domain software, produced	as part	of work	done by	the United
       States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.

perl v5.32.1			  2020-10-29		 LaTeXML::Core::Box(3)


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