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Jifty::Plugin::PubSub:UsernContributed PerJifty::Plugin::PubSub::Connection(3)

       Jifty::Plugin::PubSub::Connection - Connection to browser

       This class represents a bidirectional channel between the server	and
       the web browser.	 You may wish to subclass this class as
       "YourApp::PubSub" to override the "connect", "receive", or "disconnect"

       Called when a connection	is established from the	browser.  By default,
       does nothing.

   subscribe TOPIC [, TOPIC, ...]
       Subscribes the browser to receive messages on the given topics.

   send	TYPE DATA
       Sends an	arbitrary message to the browser.  It is not published to the
       rest of the message bus.

   receive DATA
       Called when a message is	received from the web browser; returns true if
       the message was processed, false	otherwise.  If you override this
       method, be sure you respect this	class' return value:

	   sub receive {
	       my $self	= shift;
	       my $msg = shift;
	       return 1	if $self->SUPER::receive( $msg );
	       # ...

       Called when the connection to the browser is lost when the browser
       switches	to a new page.	This is	not immediate, but occurs after	a
       15-second timeout.

       Returns the constructed Jifty::Web object which is seen as "Jifty-"web>
       whenever	in the context of this connection's "connect", "receive",
       "disconnect", or	when page regions are rendered to be sent over this
       channel.	 This ensures that "Jifty-"web->current_user> is set whenever
       it is relevant.

       A new Jifty::API	object is instantiated for each
       Jifty::Plugin::PubSub::Connection object.  You may wish to limit	it to
       limit which actions can be performed by the web browser.

       The AnyMQ::Queue	object which listens to	events for the client.

       Returns a unique	identifier associated with this	connection.

   action_message DATA
       Creates,	validates, and runs an action if it was	received by the
       client; called by "receive".

   region_event	EVENT
       Called when one or more regions on the page needs to be rendered	and
       pushed to the client, as	triggered by an	event.	The rendered regions
       will be passed EVENT as an "event" variable.  Currently,	rendered
       regions cannot alter the	client's subscription set.

perl v5.32.1			  2013-02-Jifty::Plugin::PubSub::Connection(3)


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