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       JMX::Jmx4Perl::Agent::Verifier -	Handler	for various verifiers which
       picks the most secure one first.

       Entry module for	verification of	downloaded artifacts. Depending	on
       modules installed, various validation mechanisms	are tried in
       decreasing order	fo vialibility:

	   The strongest validation is provided	by PGP signatures with which
	   Jolokia artifact is signed. The verifier uses Crypt::OpenPGP	for
	   verifying PGP signatures.

	   If OpenPGP is not available or when no signature is provided	from
	   the Jolokia site (unlikely),	a simple SHA1 checksum is fetched and
	   compared to the artifact downloaded.	This is	not secure, but
	   guarantees some degree of consistency.

	   As last resort, when	this module is availabl, a MD5 checksum	is
	   calculated and compared to the checksum also	downloaded from

       $verifier = JMX::Jmx4Perl::Agent::Jolokia::Verifier->new(%args)
	   Creates a new verifier. It takes an expanded	hash als argument,
	   where the following keys are	respected:

	       "ua_config"	   UserAgent configuration used	for accessing
				   remote signatures/checksums
	       "logger"		   Logger

       $verifier->verify(url =>	$url,path => $file)
       $verifier->verify(url =>	$url,data => $data)
	   Verifies the	given file ("path") or scalar data ("data") by trying
	   various validators in turn. Technically, each validator is asked
	   for an extension (e.g. ".asc" for a PGP signature), which is
	   appended to URL and this URL	is tried for downloading the
	   signature/checksum. If found, the content of	the signature/checksum
	   is passed to	specific verifier along	with the data/file to
	   validate. A verifier	will die, if validation	fails, so one should
	   put this in an eval if required. If validation passes, the method
	   returns silently.

       This file is part of jmx4perl.  Jmx4perl	is free	software: you can
       redistribute it and/or modify it	under the terms	of the GNU General
       Public License as published by The Free Software	Foundation, either
       version 2 of the	License, or (at	your option) any later version.

       jmx4perl	is distributed in the hope that	it will	be useful, but WITHOUT
       ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
       FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR	PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
       for more	details.

       You should have received	a copy of the GNU General Public License along
       with jmx4perl.  If not, see <>.

       A commercial license is available as well. Please contact for further details.


perl v5.32.0			  20JMX::Jmx4Perl::Agent::Jolokia::Verifier(3)


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