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Imager::LargeSamples(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiImager::LargeSamples(3)

       Imager::LargeSamples - track/document large sample support

	 # make	a large	sample image
	 my $im	= Imager->new(..., bits	=> 16);

	 # call	some method
	 my $result = $im->$method(...);

	 # was the image modified at its full sample size

       Imager has had in-memory	support	for large samples for years now, but
       many methods still don't	work at	the higher sample size when supplied
       with a large sample image.

       This document will track	which methods support large samples and	which
       don't, for future improvements.

Support	by method
	 Method	      Support	 Notes
	 ------	      -------	 -----
	 arc	      Partial	 [1]
	 box	      Partial	 [2]
	 circle	      Partial	 [1]
	 convert      Full
	 copy	      Full
	 crop	      Full
	 difference   Full
	 filter	      Partial	 Depends on the	filter.
	 flip	      Full
	 flood_fill   Partial	 [1]
	 getpixel     Full
	 getsamples   Full
	 getscanline  Full
	 map	      None
	 masked	      Full
	 paste	      Full
	 polygon      Partial	 [1]
	 polyline     None
	 read	      Partial	 See L<File format large sample	support>
	 read_multi   Partial	 See L<File format large sample	support>
	 rotate	      Full
	 rubthrough   Full
	 scale	      Partial	 Some qtypes support large samples
	 scaleX	      None
	 scaleY	      None
	 setpixel     Full
	 setscanline  Full
	 string	      Full	 Preserves large samples, but most font	drivers
				 generate 8 or fewer bits of levels of coverage.
	 transform    None
	 transform2   None
	 write	      Partial	 See L<File format large sample	support>
	 write_multi  Partial	 See L<File format large sample	support>

       [1] filling an area using the fill parameter works at the full depth of
       the image, using	filled => 1 and	color works at 8-bits/sample

       [2] box() will fill the area at the supplied color, but outline at

File format large sample support
	 Format	   Format samples    Imager support
	 ------	   --------------    --------------
	 BMP	   8		     8
	 GIF	   8		     8
	 ICO	   8		     8
	 JPEG	   8, 12	     8
	 PBM	   1		     1
	 PGM/PPM   1-16		     read any, writes 8, 16
	 PNG	   1, 2, 4, 8, 16    1,	2, 4, 8	paletted
				     1,	8, 16 gray (1 for is_monochrome() images)
				     8,	16 RGB
	 RAW			     8
	 SGI	   8, 16	     8,	16
	 TGA	   8		     8
	 TIFF	   (many)	     read/write	8, 16, 32 contig rgb/grey images
				     read/write	bi-level
				     read/write	4/8 paletted images

Filter larger sample support
	 Filter	     Large sample support
	 ------	     --------------------
	 autolevels	 No
	 bumpmap	 No
	 bumpmap_complex No
	 contrast	 No
	 conv		 Yes
	 fountain	 Yes
	 gaussian	 Yes
	 gradgen	 No
	 hardinvert	 Yes
	 mosaic		 No
	 postlevels	 No
	 radnoise	 No
	 turbnoise	 No
	 unsharpmask	 Yes
	 watermark	 No

       Tony Cook <>

perl v5.32.0			  2014-01-10	       Imager::LargeSamples(3)

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