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HTML::ElementGlob(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation HTML::ElementGlob(3)

       HTML::ElementGlob - Perl	extension for managing HTML::Element based
       objects as a single object.

	 use HTML::ElementGlob;
	 $element_a = new HTML::Element	'font',	color => 'red';
	 $element_b = new HTML::Element	'font',	color => 'blue';

	 $p = new HTML::Element	'p';
	 $p->push_content($element_a, '	and ', $element_b, ' boo hoo hoo');

	 # Tag type of the glob	is not really relevant unless
	 # you plan on seeing the glob as_HTML()
	 $eglob	= new HTML::ElementGlob	'p';
	 $eglob->glob_push_content($element_a, $element_b);
	 # Alter both elements at once
	 $eglob->attr(size => 5);

	 # They	still belong to	their original parent
	 print $p->as_HTML;

       HTML::ElementGlob is a managing object for multiple HTML::Element(3)
       style elements.	The children of	the glob element retain	their original
       parental	elements and have no knowledge of the glob that	manipulates
       them.  All methods that do not start with 'glob_' will be passed,
       sequentially, to	all elements contained within the glob element.
       Methods starting	with 'glob_' will operate on the glob itself, rather
       than being passed to its	foster children.

       For example, $eglob->attr(size => 3) will invoke	attr(size => 3)	on all
       children	contained by $eglob.  $eglob->glob_attr(size =>	3), on the
       other hand, will	set the	attr attribute on the glob itself.

       The tag type passed to HTML::Element::Glob is largely irrrelevant as
       far as how methods are passed to	children.  However, if you choose to
       invoke $eglob->as_HTML(), you might want	to pick	a tag that would
       sensibly	contain	the globbed children for debugging or display

       The 'glob_*' methods that operate on the	glob itself are	limited	to
       those available in an HTML::Element(3).	All other methods get passed
       blindly to the globbed children,	which can be enhanced elements with
       arbitrary methods, such as HTML::ElementSuper(3).

       Element globs can contain other element globs.  In such cases, the
       plain methods will cascade down to the leaf children.  'glob_*'
       methods,	of course, will	not be propogated to children globs.  You will
       have to rely on glob_content() to access	those glob children and	access
       their 'glob_*' methods directly.


       Matthew P. Sisk,	<>

       Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Matthew P. Sisk.	 All rights reserved. All
       wrongs revenged.	This program is	free software; you can redistribute it
       and/or modify it	under the same terms as	Perl itself.

       HTML::Element(3), HTML::ElementSuper, HTML::ElementRaw,
       HTML::Element::Table(3),	perl(1).

perl v5.32.1			  2010-06-09		  HTML::ElementGlob(3)


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