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HPL_pdtest(3)		     HPL Library Functions		 HPL_pdtest(3)

       HPL_pdtest - Perform one	test.

       #include	"hpl.h"

       void  HPL_pdtest(  HPL_T_test  *	 TEST, HPL_T_grid * GRID, HPL_T_palg *
       ALGO, const int N, const	int NB );

       HPL_pdtest performs  one	 test  given a set of parameters such  as  the
       process	grid,  the  problem size, the distribution blocking factor ...
       This function generates	the data, calls	 and times the	linear	system
       solver,	 checks	  the  accuracy	 of the	 obtained vector solution  and
       writes this information to the file pointed to by TEST->outfp.

       TEST    (global input)	       HPL_T_test *
	       On entry,  TEST	points	to a testing  data  structure:	 outfp
	       specifies  the  output  file where the results will be printed.
	       It is only defined and used by the process  0   of  the	 grid.
	       thrsh   specifies   the	 threshhold value  for the test	ratio.
	       Concretely, a test is declared "PASSED"	if and	only  if   the
	       following inequality is satisfied: ||Ax-b||_oo /	( epsil	*
			       ( || x ||_oo * || A ||_oo + || b	||_oo )	*
				N )  < thrsh.  epsil  is the  relative machine
	       precision of the	distributed computer. Finally the  test	 coun-
	       ters, kfail, kpass, kskip and ktest are updated as follows:  if
	       the test	passes,	 kpass is incremented by  one;	 if  the  test
	       fails,  kfail  is  incremented  by one; if the test is skipped,
	       kskip is	incremented by one.  ktest is left unchanged.

       GRID    (local input)	       HPL_T_grid *
	       On entry,  GRID	points	to the data structure  containing  the
	       process grid information.

       ALGO    (global input)	       HPL_T_palg *
	       On  entry,   ALGO  points to  the data structure	containing the
	       algorithmic parameters to be used for this test.

       N       (global input)	       const int
	       On entry,  N specifies the order	of the coefficient  matrix  A.
	       N must be at least zero.

       NB      (global input)	       const int
	       On  entry,   NB specifies the blocking factor used to partition
	       and distribute the matrix A. NB must be larger than one.

       HPL_pddriver (3), HPL_pdinfo (3).

HPL 2.3			       December	2, 2018			 HPL_pdtest(3)


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