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HPL_pdfact(3)		     HPL Library Functions		 HPL_pdfact(3)

       HPL_pdfact - recursive panel factorization.

       #include	"hpl.h"

       void HPL_pdfact(	HPL_T_panel * PANEL );

       HPL_pdfact  recursively	factorizes a  1-dimensional  panel of columns.
       The  RPFACT  function pointer specifies the recursive algorithm	to  be
       used,  either  Crout, Left- or Right looking.  NBMIN allows to vary the
       recursive stopping criterium in terms of	the number of columns  in  the
       panel,  and   NDIV  allow to specify the	number of subpanels each panel
       should be divided into. Usuallly	a value	of 2 will be  chosen.  Finally
       PFACT  is  a function pointer specifying	the non-recursive algorithm to
       to be used on at	most NBMIN columns. One	can also choose	 here  between
       Crout,  Left-  or Right looking.	 Empirical tests seem to indicate that
       values of 4 or 8	for NBMIN give the best	results.

       Bi-directional  exchange	 is  used  to  perform	 the   swap::broadcast
       operations   at	once  for one column in	the panel.  This  results in a
       lower number of slightly	larger	messages than usual.  On  P  processes
       and  assuming  bi-directional links,  the running time of this function
       can be approximated by (when N is equal to N0):

	  N0 * log_2( P	) * ( lat + ( 2*N0 + 4 ) / bdwth ) +
	  N0^2 * ( M - N0/3 ) *	gam2-3

       where M is the local number of rows of  the panel, lat and  bdwth   are
       the  latency  and bandwidth of the network for  double  precision  real
       words, and  gam2-3  is  an estimate of the  Level 2 and Level  3	  BLAS
       rate  of	 execution. The	 recursive  algorithm  allows indeed to	almost
       achieve	Level 3	BLAS  performance  in the panel	factorization.	 On  a
       large   number  of modern machines,  this  operation is however latency
       bound,  meaning	that its cost can  be estimated	 by only  the  latency
       portion	N0  * log_2(P) * lat.  Mono-directional	links will double this
       communication cost.

       PANEL   (local input/output)    HPL_T_panel *
	       On entry,  PANEL	 points	to the data structure  containing  the
	       panel information.

       HPL_dlocmax (3),	 HPL_dlocswpN (3),  HPL_dlocswpT (3), HPL_pdmxswp (3),
       HPL_pdpancrN (3), HPL_pdpancrT (3), HPL_pdpanllN	(3), HPL_pdpanllT (3),
       HPL_pdpanrlN (3),   HPL_pdpanrlT	(3),   HPL_pdrpancrN (3),  HPL_pdrpan-
       crT (3),	  HPL_pdrpanllN	(3),   HPL_pdrpanllT (3),   HPL_pdrpanrlN (3),
       HPL_pdrpanrlT (3).

HPL 2.1			       October 26, 2012			 HPL_pdfact(3)


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