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HPL_numrocI(3)		     HPL Library Functions		HPL_numrocI(3)

       HPL_numrocI - Compute the local number of row/columns.

       #include	"hpl.h"

       int HPL_numrocI(	const int N, const int I, const	int INB, const int NB,
       const int PROC, const int SRCPROC, const	int NPROCS );

       HPL_numrocI returns  the	 local number of matrix	 rows/columns  process
       PROC   will   get  if  we give out  N rows/columns starting from	global
       index I.

       N       (input)		       const int
	       On entry, N  specifies the number of rows/columns  being	 dealt
	       out. N must be at least zero.

       I       (input)		       const int
	       On  entry, I  specifies the global index	of the matrix  entry I
	       must be at least	zero.

       INB     (input)		       const int
	       On entry,  INB  specifies  the size of the first	 block	of  th
	       global matrix. INB must be at least one.

       NB      (input)		       const int
	       On  entry,   NB specifies the blocking factor used to partition
	       and distribute the matrix A. NB must be larger than one.

       PROC    (input)		       const int
	       On entry, PROC specifies	 the coordinate	of  the	 process  whos
	       local  portion  is  determined.	PROC must be at	least zero  an
	       strictly	less than NPROCS.

       SRCPROC (input)		       const int
	       On entry,  SRCPROC  specifies  the coordinate  of  the	proces
	       that  possesses	the  first row or column of the	matrix.	SRCPRO
	       must be at least	zero and strictly less than NPROCS.

       NPROCS  (input)		       const int
	       On entry,  NPROCS  specifies the	total number of	process	row or
	       columns over which the matrix is	distributed.  NPROCS mus be at
	       least one.

       HPL_indxg2l (3),	 HPL_indxg2lp (3),  HPL_indxg2p	(3),  HPL_indxl2g (3),
       HPL_numroc (3).

HPL 2.3			       December	2, 2018			HPL_numrocI(3)


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