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Gravatar::URL(3)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     Gravatar::URL(3)

       Gravatar::URL - Make URLs for Gravatars from an email address

	   use Gravatar::URL;

	   my $gravatar_id  = gravatar_id($email);

	   my $gravatar_url = gravatar_url(email => $email);

       A Gravatar is a Globally	Recognized Avatar for a	given email address.
       This allows you to have a global	picture	associated with	your email
       address.	 You can look up the Gravatar for any email address by
       constructing a URL to get the image from  This module
       does that.

       Examples	of use include the author faces	on <>.

       See <> for more info.


	   # By	email
	   my $url = gravatar_url( email => $email, %options );

	   # By	gravatar ID
	   my $url = gravatar_url( id => $id, %options );

       Constructs a URL	to fetch the gravatar for a given $email or $id.

       $id is a	gravatar ID.  See "gravatar_id"	for more information.

       %options	are optional and are...


       A user can rate how offensive the content of their gravatar is, like a
       movie.  The ratings are g, pg, r	and x.	If you specify a rating	it is
       the highest rating that will be given.

	   rating => "r"   # includes g, pg and	r


       Specifies the desired width and height of the gravatar (gravatars are

       Valid values are	from 1 to 512 inclusive. Any size other	than 80	may
       cause the original gravatar image to be downsampled using bicubic
       resampling before output.

	   size	   => 40,  # 40	x 40 image


       The url to use if the user has no gravatar or has none that fits	your
       rating requirements.

	   default => ""

       Relative	URLs will be relative to the base (ie., not your
       web site.

       Gravatar	defines	special	values that you	may use	as a default to
       produce dynamic default images. These are "identicon", "monsterid",
       "wavatar" and "retro".  "404" will cause	the URL	to return an HTTP 404
       "Not Found" error instead whereas "mm" will display the same "mystery
       man" image for all missing people.  See
       <> for more info.

       If omitted, Gravatar will serve up their	default	image, the blue	G.


       DEPRECATED! This	key has	been removed from the Gravatar protocol.  It
       will be removed from future versions of Gravatar::URL.

       Gravatars can be	requested to have a 1 pixel colored border.  If	you'd
       like that, pass in the color to border as a 3 or	6 digit	hex string.

	   border => "000000",	# a black border, like my soul
	   border => "000",	# black, but in	3 digits


       This is the URL of the location of the Gravatar server you wish to grab
       Gravatars from.	Defaults to <"> for
       HTTP and	<> for HTTPS.


       If true,	use short key names when constructing the URL.	"s" instead of
       "size", "r" instead of "ratings"	and so on.

       short_keys defaults to true.


       If true,	serve avatars over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

       You should select this option if	your site is served over HTTPS to
       avoid browser warnings about the	presence of insecure content.

       https defaults to false.


	   my $id = gravatar_id($email);

       Converts	an $email address into its Gravatar $id.

       Thanks to for coming up with the whole idea	and Ashley
       Pond V from whose Template::Plugin::Gravatar I took most	of the
       original	code.

       Copyright 2007 -	2009, Michael G	Schwern	<>.
       Copyright 2011, Francois	Marier <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.


       Template::Plugin::Gravatar - a Gravatar plugin for Template Toolkit

       <> - The Gravatar	web site

       <> - The Gravatar URL
       implementor's guide

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-17		      Gravatar::URL(3)


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