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GraphViz2::Config(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation GraphViz2::Config(3)

       GraphViz2::Config - A wrapper for AT&T's	Graphviz

       See GraphViz2.

       GraphViz2 provides a wrapper for	AT&T's Graphviz.

       For use by subclasses.

       Sets default values for object attributes.

       For use by subclasses.

       read() is called	by new(). It does the actual reading of	the config

       If the file can't be read, die is called.

       The path	to the config file is determined by:

	       File::Spec -> catfile(File::HomeDir -> my_dist_config('GraphViz2'), '.htgraphviz2.conf');

       During installation, you	should have run	scripts/,	which
       uses the	same code, to move the config file from	the config/ directory
       in the disto into an OS-dependent directory.

       The run-time code uses this module to look in the same directory	as
       used by scripts/

Version	Numbers
       Version numbers < 1.00 represent	development versions. From 1.00	up,
       they are	production versions.

Machine-Readable Change	Log
       The file	Changes	was converted into Changelog.ini by

       Email the author, or log	a bug on RT:


       GraphViz2 was written by	Ron Savage in 2011.

       Home page: <>.

       Australian copyright (c)	2011, Ron Savage.

	       All Programs of mine are	'OSI Certified Open Source Software';
	       you can redistribute them and/or	modify them under the terms of
	       The Perl	License, a copy	of which is available at:

perl v5.32.0			  2018-02-23		  GraphViz2::Config(3)

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