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Graph::SocialMap(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  Graph::SocialMap(3)

       Graph::SocialMap	- Easy tool to create social network map

	   # The Structure of relationship
	   my $relation	= {
	       'WorkWith'  => [qw/Marry	Rose/],
	       'ChatWith'  => [qw/Marry	Peacock/],
	       'DanceWith' => [qw/Rose Joan/],
	       'HackWith'  => [qw/Gugod	Autrijus/],

	   # Generate a	Graph::SocialMap object.
	   my $gsm = Graph::SocialMap->new(relation => $relation) ;

	   # People Network (Graph::Undirected object)
	   my $pn = $gsm->people_network;

	   # Save it with Graph::Writer::* module
	   my $writer =	Graph::Writer::DGF->new();

	   # Weight of person (equal to	the number of occurence)
	   # Should be 2
	   print $gsm->wop->{Rose};

	   # Degree of seperation
	   # Should be 2 (Marry	-> Rose	-> Joan)
	   print $gsm->dos('Marry','Joan');
	   # Should be less then zero (Unreachable)
	   print $gsm->dos('Gugod','Marry');

	   # all-pair dos (hashref of hashref)

       This module implement a interesting graph application that is called
       the 'Social Relation Map'. It provides object-oriented way to retrieve
       many social information that can	be found in this map.

       The "new()" constructor accepts one argument in the for of 'hashref of
       arrayref'.  The key to this hash	is the name of relation, and the value
       of the hash is a	list of	identities involved in this relation.

       Take the	synopsis for an	example, the structure:

	   my $relation	= {
	       'WorkWith' => [qw/Marry Rose/],
	       'ChatWith' => [qw/Marry Peacock/],
	       'DanceWith' => [qw/Rose Joan/],
	       'HackWith' => [qw/Gugod Autrijus/],

       Defines 4 issues	which have common people involves in, the relation
       'WorkWith' involves Marry and Rose, and the relation 'ChatWith'
       involves	Marry and Peacock. By this 2 relations,	we say that Marry is
       directly	connected to Rose and Peacock, and Rose	and Peacock are
       connected to each other indirectly, with	degree of seperation 1.
       Likewise, Marry and Joan	are connected to each other with degree	of
       seperation 2.

       Once constructed, you may call the following object methods to retrieve
       further social network information.

	   Affiliation network -- directly construct a network from given
	   issue-people	relation. Returns a Graph::Undirected object that is a
	   bi-partie graph, one	part of	it present issues, the others are
	   present people. Issue nodes and People nodes	are connected if they
	   are related.

	   People network -- two people	are connected if they are involed in
	   at least one	common issue. Return a Graph::Undirected object.

	   Issue network -- two	issues are connected if	they involved at least
	   one common person. Return a Graph::Undirected object.

       Copyright 2004,2005 by Kang-min Liu <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       See <>

perl v5.24.1			  2005-02-01		   Graph::SocialMap(3)


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