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Gantry::Utils::SQL(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationGantry::Utils::SQL(3)

       Gantry::Utils::SQL - SQL	routines.

	my $sql	= Gantry::Utils::SQL->new();

	$sql_boolean = $sql->sql_bool( $string );

	$sql = $sql->sql_insert( $table, %vals );

	$sql_number = $sql->sql_num( $number );

	$sql_string = $sql->sql_str( $string );

	$sql = $sql->sql_update( $table, $clause, %vals	);

	$sql_quoted = $sql->sql_quote( $string );

       This module supplies easy ways to make strings sql safe as well as
       allowing	the creation of	sql commands. All of these commands should
       work with any database as they do not do	anything database specfic,
       well as far as I	know anyways.

       new Standard constructor.  Call it first	to gain	a helper through which
	   to call the other methods.  Pass it nothing.

       $sql_boolean = $sql_helper->sql_bool( $string )
	   This	function takes a string	and returns either TRUE	or FALSE
	   depending on	whether	or not the function thinks it's	true or	not.
	   True	is defined as containing any of	the following, 't', 'y', '1',
	   or after the	false test if the string is defined. False is defined
	   as 'f', 'n' or '0'.	Defined	and not	false is true, and not defined
	   is false. Hopefully this is fairly confusing.

       $sql = $sql_helper->sql_insert( $table, %vals )
	   This	function takes the table to insert into	"$table'", and the
	   information to insert into said table, %vals. The function will
	   build an insert statement based on this information.	The %vals
	   variable should contain the keys corrisponding to the columns in
	   the database	where the values should	be the values to insert	into
	   those fields. The function will return, hopefully, a	valid sql
	   insert string.

       $sql_number = $sql_helper->sql_num( $number )
	   This	function takes a number, $number, and quotes it	in such	a way
	   as it may be	used in	a sql call safely. It handles anything that is
	   a number at all. A properly quoted number is	return,	including the

       $sql_string = $sql_helper->sql_str( $string )
	   This	function takes a string, $string, and quotes in	in such	a way
	   as it may be	used safely in a sql call. The string is then
	   returned, including the quotes arround it.

       $sql = $sql_helper->sql_update( $table, $clause,	%vals )
	   This	function creates a valid sql update string. It is identical in
	   form	to the "sql_insert()" function save it takes a where clause,
	   $clause.  The clause	must contain a valid test against the
	   database, in	a pinch	use a where clause that	will always return
	   true. The 'WHERE' in	the clause need	not be supplied	as it is
	   assumed and alwas inserted into the update string.  A valid sql
	   update string is returned, hopefully	anyways.

       $sql_quoted = $sql_helper->sql_quote( $string )
	   This	function works the same	way as "sql_str()" save	it doesn't
	   really care what it opperates on. A properly	quoted version of
	   whatever is passed in is returned.

       Gantry(3), Gantry::Utils::DB(3)

       There is	no sql_date function, which there probably should be.

       The quoting method has been tested with Postgresql.

       Tim Keefer <> Nicholas Studt <>

       Copyright (c) 2006, Tim Keefer.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl	version	5.8.6 or, at
       your option, any	later version of Perl 5	you may	have available.

perl v5.32.1			  2021-02-28		 Gantry::Utils::SQL(3)


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