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Games::FrozenBubble(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioGames::FrozenBubble(3)

       Games::FrozenBubble - arcade/reflex game	- THIS IS A BETA VERSION

       During net/lan game choose, there is a chat system. Here	are the
       available keys and tips:

       just type and hit enter to send a message
       page up and page	down allow you to view history as in IRC programs
       arrow up	and down allow you to recall previous messages you've sent
       the TAB key triggers nick completion on listening players
       in the pre-game chat, the following commands are	available:
	       /me <action>: sends an action message instead of	sending	a regular message
	       /nick <new_nick>: change	your nick
	       /server:	query the name of the server you're connected to
	       /fs: toggle fullscreen
	       /list: view list	of listening players
	       /geolocate: geolocate yourself again
	       /autokick <nick>	[<text>]: add/remove that nick to autokick list

       in the in-game chat, the	following commands are available:
	       /kick <nick> [<text>]: kick a joiner from your game (if you're
				      creator),	optionally with	an explanatory text

       During a	game, the following default key	shortcuts are available:

       TAB: next playlist music	(if sound available and	when playlist is used)
       F11: toggle music
       F12: toggle sound
       Keypad Minus: lower music/sound volume
       Keypad Plus: raise music/sound volume

       When in multiplayer with	3+ players:

       F1: send	malus to top left player
       F2: send	malus to top right player
       F3: send	malus to bottom	left player
       F4: send	malus to bottom	right player
       F10: send malus to all opponents

       Notice: you can see who you attack because the F1..F4 little text next
       to the player turns white - you can see who is attacking	by the
       presence	of the small pinguins of the opponent on the left of your

   Having problems running Frozen Bubble?
       If you are colourblind, we already have what you're looking for:	please
       use the "-cb"commandline	parameter, and bubbles will be printed with
       little geometrical symbols inside.

   Fix your problems
       Most of the problems you	can encounter with Frozen-Bubble don't require
       contacting us directly, and actually we can't fix most of them.

       First, please notice that we have developed this	software on the
       GNU/Linux platform. There are ports to other operating systems, but we
       can't and don't want to support them. If	you happen to be using Frozen-
       Bubble on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows or Mac OS X, please contact the
       authors of this "port" if you have trouble installing/running/whatever.
       Thank you.

       Then, if	you use	Linux and installed a package provided by your
       distribution, you have to contact the guys of your distribution.	We
       don't know the intrinsics of every Linux	distributions and neither the
       patches they have applied to Frozen-Bubble when packaging.

   Troubleshoot	most common problems on	GNU/Linux
       First, please notice that we are	not a GNU/Linux	vendor,	we are not
       Debian, Red Hat,	Ubuntu,	Mandriva or Gentoo. So if you can't install it
       with apt-get, emerge, urpmi, yum	or whatever, or	if you managed to
       install it but it won't start or	won't run properly, there are much
       higher chances this is a	problem	with your vendor, not with us. Try to
       think before contacting us: is your problem really with our software?
       or with how your	vendor compiled/integrated it with the system?

       Now, to ease your life, we provide links	to common problems you may

       "...cannot handle TLS data..." message at startup
	   It seems this is related with buggy or badly	installed nvidia
	   drivers. Debian has a bugreport and a fix
	   (<>) for
	   this	one.

       "Can't locate in @INC..."	message	at startup
	   Either you didn't install sdlperl, or you installed it at the wrong
	   location.  Check where the file was installed	on your	system
	   and what is the @INC	search path of perl, there are chances they
	   don't match.

	       perl -e 'print join("\n", @INC)

       crash with a "SIGILL" when trying to start a new	game
	   You're probably using buggy "SDL-1.2.6" on an Intel processor;
	   please update to "SDL-1.2.7"	or more	recent.

       "Not a HASH reference at	/usr/games/frozen-bubble line 310" message at
	   It seems that you're	using an incompatible (too recent) version of
	   perl-SDL on FB1. Either downgrade or	apply this patch.

       If you have more	to add,	you may	want to	contact	us: "contact2 @", <>

   Help! I am unable to	download Frozen-Bubble from your website!
       Uh, the downloads page (<>)
       should be fairly	understandableX

       If you're using Windows,	or Mac OS X, read the Ports section of the
       downloads page (<>)!  man,
       you can do it, I	am sure	you can, don't quit trying so fast!

   Help! Frozen-Bubble doesn't work!
       Easy, go	to the troubleshooting page
       (<>).  And don't forget we
       don't know your system or distribution, help yourself or	ask your

   Hey,	why not	porting	Frozen-Bubble to <my favorite phone or whatever>?
       Simple! Because we aren't interested in this. Ask the authors of	other
       ports, maybe they will be. But no use emailing us about it.  Thanks.

   I'd suggest adding mouse aiming to the game
       Yes, but, see, it would not be fair to players using keyboard, because
       mouse aiming is analog-based, whereas keys are not. So, no mouse,

   My joystick doesn't work!
       If you're not using Linux, sorry	we don't know and support your system.

       If you're using Linux, maybe we can help. When trying to	use your
       joystick	in Frozen-Bubble, if nothing comes up, most probably your
       joystick	isn't configured correctly (or supported in Linux), use
       "--joysticks-info" commandline parameter	to verify that FB detects your
       joystick	properly: if it	does, information about	your joystick(s) will
       be printed in console on	startup, and you should	have no	problem	using
       your joystick in	FB - just trigger a direction or a button in the
       "change keys" dialog; if	not, try to load the proper kernel modules etc
       - for example, the kernel module	"joydev" is needed for all joysticks,
       but it is sometimes not automatically loaded when plugging in a
       joystick	(even in modern	distros	and with USB joysticks)	- after
       loading this kernel module, retry in FB.

   Special keys
       In the 3p/4p/5p network game, you can see F1, F2, F3 and	F4 printed in
       the game	screen - one function key per remote player. These keys	allow
       you to aim at a particular remote player	instead	of everyone at the
       same time. Indeed, by default, when you create malus bubbles to be sent
       to your opponents (by exploding a larger	group or when bubbles were
       sticked to exploding bubbles), they are distributed evenly among	all of
       the (living) opponents. If you hit the, say, F2 key before (you can
       verify you did because F2 is then printed in white on the game screen),
       next time you will create malus bubbles,	they will all be sent to the
       top-right opponent. This	feature	can allow you to team up or to aim at
       the strongest opponent. You can hit F10 to request back an evenly
       distribution. Notice that when using at least version 2.1.0, you	can
       see who's attacking you at any time by looking at at pinguins left to
       your igloo

       The keys	F11 and	F12 are	also useful (version 2.1.0 minimum): F11
       allows one to toggle the	music, and F12 allows one to toggle the	sound
       (music plus sound effects).  Additionally, keypad's minus and plus keys
       allow to	alter sound volume.

   It is a shame, I cannot toggle sound	in the game!
       Easy, read the "Special keys" FAQ item.

   Why not 2 or	more players on	the same computer, and still a 3/4/5 player
       game in network?
       Because in 3p/4p/5p game, there is room for only	one player with	full
       size graphics. For the other players, the graphics are smaller
       (<>), so more
       than one	local player is	not possible.

   What	are chain reactions?
       When you	pop some bubbles, and another bubble was being held up by the
       bubbles you popped, that	other bubble falls and becomes a malus bubble.
       In chain	reaction mode, that other bubble can also rise up and pop some
       other bubbles, if you have a pair of bubbles on your screen that	are
       the same	color as it with a free	position next to it.  This might, in
       turn, release more bubbles, which can also rise up and pop pairs	of
       their own color,	in a big chain reaction. Let's illustrate that:

       1. First, you pop some bubbles of the same color, yellow	in our
       example,	which release some extra bubbles of a different	color (black
       and purple).

       2. The purple bubble just falls.	 The black bubble would	fall too, but
       this is chain-reaction mode.  So	instead	of falling, the	black bubble
       sees a group of other black bubble with a free position next to it, and
       swoops back up to be with them.

       3. The black bubbles pop, releasing several other bubbles.  The orange
       bubble sees a group of other orange bubbles with	a free position	next
       to it, and swoops back up to be with them.

       4. The orange bubbles pop, releasing a couple of	other bubbles.

       5. But there are	no more	groups for these bubbles, so the chain
       reaction	is over.

   What's single player	targetting?
       Easy, read the "Special keys" FAQ item.

   Can I meet the game designers or other players on IRC?
       Sure! Please join the IRC channel "#fb2-en" for English,	or "#fb2-fr"
       for French, on (<>)	- though we're
       rarely there. Best is to	send a mail.

       Talk to FROGGS or kthakore on #sdl

       Fork and	hack on	<>

perl v5.32.1			  2021-11-05		Games::FrozenBubble(3)


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