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FvwmWinList(1)			 FVWM Modules			FvwmWinList(1)

       FvwmWinList - the FVWM window list module

       FvwmWinList [name]

       FvwmWinList  is	spawned	 by  fvwm,  so no command line invocation will

       The FvwmWinList module provides a window	list made up of	buttons,  each
       corresponding  to a window that FVWM is managing.  Clicking on the but-
       tons with any of	the three mouse	buttons	will either do a  default  ac-
       tion  or	 can  be user configured.  Like	the other modules, FvwmWinList
       only works when fvwm is used as the window manager.

       The FvwmWinList module is the original work of Mike Finger.

       Copyright 1994, Mike Finger. The	author makes  no  guarantees  or  war-
       ranties	of any kind about the use of this module.  Use this modules at
       your own	risk.  You may freely use this module or any portion of	it for
       any purpose as long as the copyright is kept intact.

       During  initialization, FvwmWinList gets	config info from fvwm's	module
       configuration database (see fvwm(1), section MODULE COMMANDS).	Avail-
       able options are	discussed in a later section.

       FvwmWinList  can	 be invoked by fvwm during initialization by inserting
       the line	'Module	FvwmWinList' in	the .fvwm2rc file.

       FvwmWinList can also be bound to	a keystroke, mouse button, or menu op-
       tion to be invoked later, in this case using 'Transient'	as an argument
       will cause FvwmWinList to resemble the built in window list.

       *FvwmWinList: Geometry {+-}_X_{+-}_Y_
	      Specifies	the location and gravity of  the  FvwmWinList  window.
	      At  the current time, size is not	supported and FvwmWinList will
	      resize itself as buttons are added.  If the NoAnchor  option  is
	      not  specified then the windows gravity corner will be anchored,
	      and the window will grow in the opposite	direction.   (i.e.  If
	      the  geometry  is	specified -5-5,	that is	SoutEastGravity.  This
	      will cause the window to draw up and to the left as windows  are

       *FvwmWinList: Font font
	      Specifies	the font to be used for	labeling the buttons.

       *FvwmWinList: Colorset n
	      Specifies	 the  colorset	to use for the buttons.	See FvwmTheme.
	      Defaults to 0.

       *FvwmWinList: Fore color
	      Specifies	the  color  to	use  for  the  button  names.  Cancels
	      *FvwmWinList: Colorset.

       *FvwmWinList: Back color
	      Specifies	 the color for the buttons. Cancels *FvwmWinList: Col-

       *FvwmWinList: FocusColorset n
	      Specifies	the colorset to	use for	the button for the window that
	      has the input focus. Defaults to 1.

       *FvwmWinList: FocusFore color
	      Specifies	 the  color to use for the button names	for the	window
	      that has the input focus.	If omitted, the	color  from  *FvwmWin-
	      List: Fore is used. Cancels *FvwmWinList:	FocusColorset.

       *FvwmWinList: FocusBack color
	      Specifies	 the  color  to	use for	the button for the window that
	      has the input focus. If omitted, the  color  from	 *FvwmWinList:
	      Back is used. Cancels *FvwmWinList: FocusColorset.

       *FvwmWinList: IconColorset n
	      Specifies	 the  colorset to use for buttons for windows that are
	      iconified. Defaults to 0.

       *FvwmWinList: IconFore color
	      Specifies	the color to use for the button	names for windows that
	      are  iconified. If omitted, the color from *FvwmWinList: Fore is
	      used. Cancels *FvwmWinList: IconColorset.

       *FvwmWinList: IconBack color
	      Specifies	the color to use for the button	for windows  that  are
	      iconified.  If  omitted,	the  color  from *FvwmWinList: Back is
	      used. Cancels *FvwmWinList: IconColorset.

       *FvwmWinList: DontDepressFocus
	      By default FvwmWinList will show the button for the window  that
	      has  the	input  focus  as pressed in. This option disables that

       *FvwmWinList: ButtonFrameWidth width
	      Specify the width	of  the	 3D  borders  around  the  buttons  in

       *FvwmWinList: FollowWindowList
	      Specifies	 that FvwmWinList will keep its	list in	the same order
	      as FVWM.	 This  is  the	order  displayed  by  the  "WindowList
	      NoDeskSort" FVWM command.	 This is not the default as it is more
	      visually disturbing when the focus changes.

       *FvwmWinList: UseSkipList
	      Tells FvwmWinList	to not show the	windows	that are listed	 on  a
	      WindowListSkip line in the configuration file.

       *FvwmWinList: ShowCurrentDesk
	      Specifies	that only windows on the current desk are displayed.

       *FvwmWinList: NoAnchor
	      By  default,  FvwmWinList	 will anchor the gravity corner	so the
	      window will grow in the opposite direction.   This  undoes  that
	      option,  i.e. the	window will always grow	down.  Do not use this
	      option if	a negative geometry was	specified.

       *FvwmWinList: UseIconNames
	      Tells FvwmWinList	to use the icon	name of	the window instead  of
	      the  full	 window	name.  This is useful to keep the width	of the
	      window small.

       *FvwmWinList: LeftJustify
	      By default, FvwmWinList will center the icon text	in  the	 icon.
	      This  option  causes it to be justified flush with the left edge
	      of the icon. This	option is turned on when MiniIcons are used.

       *FvwmWinList: MinWidth width

       *FvwmWinList: MaxWidth width
	      Specify the minimum and maximum widths  that  the	 buttons  will
	      shrink  or  grow	to.  The buttons will normally size to fit the
	      longest name, but	certain	applications produce icon titles  that
	      can easily fill the screen.  Setting these parameters constrains
	      the size of the buttons to be between the	two  values.   Setting
	      them  identically	will fix the size of the buttons.  Setting Max
	      <	Min will have unpredictable results.

       *FvwmWinList: TruncateLeft
	      If names get truncated because of	the  setting  of  FvwmWinList:
	      MaxWidth,	they will normally get truncated on the	right, so only
	      the start	of the names are visible. Setting this	resource  will
	      cause  them  to  get  truncated  on the left, so that the	end of
	      names are	visible. This is useful	when the window	title contains
	      a	directory and file name, for example.

       *FvwmWinList: Action action response
	      Tells  FvwmWinList to do response	when action is done.  The cur-
	      rently supported actions are: Click1, Click2, Click3 and so  on.
	      By  default  the	module supports	3 mouse	buttons, but it	can be
	      compiled to support more.	 The currently supported responses are
	      any  fvwm	 built-in  commands,  including	modules	and functions.
	      Warning: The use of the former syntax that allowed to use	 comma
	      separated	 lists of commands is strongly discouraged due to syn-
	      chronization problems with fvwm.	Please use complex fvwm	 func-
	      tions instead (defined with the 'AddToFunc' command of fvwm).

       *FvwmWinList: NoIconAction action
	      Tells  FvwmWinList to do action is when a	NoIcon style window is
	      iconified	or de-iconified. Relevant coordinates are appended  to
	      action  so that the icon can be traced to	an FvwmWinList button.
	      An example action	is  "*FvwmWinList:  NoIconAction  SendToModule
	      FvwmAnimate  animate". A blank or	null action turns this feature

       The following are excepts from a	.fvwm2rc file which describe  FvwmWin-
       List initialization commands:

       # Pop up	the window list	in transient mode on button 3 press & hold

       Mouse 3	 R   A	 Module	FvwmWinList Transient

       AddToFunc DeiconifyAndRaise
       + I Iconify off
       + I Raise

       ########################## Window-Lister	###############################
       *FvwmWinList: Back DarkOliveGreen
       *FvwmWinList: Fore PaleGoldenRod
       *FvwmWinList: Font -*-new century schoolbook-bold-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*
       *FvwmWinList: Action Click1 Function DeiconifyAndRaise
       *FvwmWinList: Action Click2 Iconify
       *FvwmWinList: Action Click3 Module FvwmIdent
       *FvwmWinList: UseSkipList
       *FvwmWinList: UseIconNames
       *FvwmWinList: Geometry -50-85
       *FvwmWinList: MinWidth 70
       *FvwmWinList: MaxWidth 120
       # I prefer the text centered
       #*FvwmWinList: LeftJustify
       # I like	it anchored
       #*FvwmWinList: NoAnchor
       # A flat	list in	most recently focused order
       #*FvwmWinList: FollowWindowList
       #*FvwmWinList: BorderReliefWidth	0
       # pretend to be a taskbar
       *FvwmWinList: NoIconAction SendToModule FvwmAnimate animate

       Mike Finger (
		   (doodman on IRC, check the #linux channel)

       Various Patches by
	  John Heidemann <johnh@ficus.CS.UCLA.EDU> and
	  Jason	L Tibbitts <>.

3rd Berkeley Distribution (not released	yet) (2.5.20)		FvwmWinList(1)


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