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FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing(3)			FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing(3)

       FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing - compute Unicode coverage and spacing type

       #include	<fontconfig.h>
       #include	<fcfreetype.h>

       FcCharSet * FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing (FT_Face	face, FcBlanks *blanks,	int *spacing);

       Scans  a	 FreeType  face	 and returns the set of	encoded	Unicode	chars.
       FcBlanks	is deprecated, blanks is ignored and accepted only for compat-
       ibility with older code.	 spacing receives the computed spacing type of
       the font, one of	FC_MONO	for a font where  all  glyphs  have  the  same
       width,  FC_DUAL,	where the font has glyphs in precisely two widths, one
       twice as	wide as	the other,  or	FC_PROPORTIONAL	 where	the  font  has
       glyphs of many widths.

Fontconfig 2.13.92		  09 8ae 2019	FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing(3)


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