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FcCharSetFirstPage(3)					 FcCharSetFirstPage(3)

       FcCharSetFirstPage - Start enumerating charset contents

       #include	<fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcChar32	FcCharSetFirstPage (const FcCharSet *a,	FcChar32[FC_CHARSET_MAP_SIZE] map, FcChar32 *next);

       Builds an array of bits in map marking the first	page of	Unicode	cover-
       age of a.  *next	is set to contains the base code point	for  the  next
       page in a. Returns the base code	point for the page, or FC_CHARSET_DONE
       if a contains no	pages. As an example,  if  FcCharSetFirstPage  returns
       0x300 and fills map with

       0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x01000008	0x44300002 0xffffd7f0 0xfffffffb 0xffff7fff 0xffff0003

       Then  the  page	contains code points 0x300 through 0x33f (the first 64
       code points on the page)	because	map[0] and map[1] both have all	 their
       bits set. It also contains code points 0x343 (0x300 + 32*2 + (4-1)) and
       0x35e (0x300 + 32*2 + (31-1)) because map[2] has	the 4th	and 31st  bits
       set. The	code points represented	by map[3] and later are	left as	an ex-
       cercise for the reader ;).

Fontconfig 2.13.92		  09 8ae 2019		 FcCharSetFirstPage(3)


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