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FVWMCrystalFAQ(1)		 FVWM-Crystal		     FVWMCrystalFAQ(1)

       FVWM-Crystal - FAQ

       Frequently Asked	Questions for FVWM-Crystal

       Last updated: 06.05.2007, for version 3.0.5

       1.  General information.

	    1.1: What is FVWM-Crystal?
	    1.2: Who are the authors?
	    1.3: Where I can get the newest version?
	    1.4: Is there a mailing list?

       2.  Installation.

	    2.1:  What do I need to install FVWM-Crystal?
	    2.2:  Can I	use FVWM-Crystal with "stable" FVWM branch (2.4.x)?
	    2.3:  How to install FVWM-Crystal from distributed packages?
	    2.4:  How to install FVWM-Crystal from darcs repository?
	    2.5:  How to install FVWM-Crystal manually?
	    2.6:  How I	can select FVWM-Crystal	as my window manager?
	    2.7:  When I start FVWM-Crystal I get only the empty FVWM desktop...
	    2.8:  How can I restore a previous FVWM-Crystal session?
	    2.9:  How can I use	gnome-session with FVWM-Crystal?
	    2.10: Can I	save-restore more as one previous FVWM-Crystal sessions?
	    2.11: Why there is no application panel on the desktop?

   Q 1.1: What is FVWM-Crystal?
       A:  It's	 a  set	 of  FVWM  configuration  files, some Python and shell
       scripts,	a set of application icons and images. This  combination  pro-
       duces a fairly decent and customized Linux window manager using FVWM as
       it's basic component. With additional file managers, such as  ROX-Filer
       or  Nautilus (from GNOME	Project) you can create	useable	and good-look-
       ing Linux desktop environment.

   Q 1.2: Who are the authors?
       A: The author and current maintainer of	FVWM-Crystal  is  Maciej  Del-
       manowski.   You	 can   contact	with  him  using  his  e-mail  account
       <> or through Jabber network <>.

       FVWM-Crystal could not be in the	present	 state	without	 the  help  of
       other  people.  You can find their list in the AUTHORS file included in
       the project's package.

   Q 1.3: Where	can I get the newest version?
       A: Newest stable	version	can be always found on the  main  FVWM-Crystal
       website: Some GNU/Linux distributions
       have already included packages, usually named 'fvwm-crystal'.

       You can also use	the development	version.  It  is  a  Darcs  repository
       which  contains	the  newest  code.  You	 can  find more	information on

   Q 1.4: Is there a mailing list?
       A: Yes, there is. You can  read	the  archives  by  pointing  your  web
       browser on

       If  you	want  to  subscribe,  you  can	do it using the	Web interface:

   Q 2.1: What do I need to install FVWM-Crystal?
       A: If you want to use FVWM-Crystal, you need to have:

	      o	 FVWM window manager, version 2.5.13+

	      o	 Python	interpreter

	      o	 POSIX shell interpreter

	      o	 an application	which can set the  desktop  wallpaper  (habak,
		 Esetroot, hsetroot)

       You can install these applications to get additional functionality:

	      o	 terminal  emulator (xterm, Aterm, Eterm, urxvt, mrxvt,	gnome-
		 terminal, konsole, mgt	or xfce4-terminal are  currently  sup-

	      o	 ImageMagick - for window thumbnails and making	screenshots

	      o	 XScreenSaver -	a desktop screensaver

	      o	 stand-alone   notification  area  application	-  trayer  and
		 stalonetray are supported

	      o	 sudo -	running	text-based applications	as superuser  and  for
		 shutdown/reboot commands (needs to be configured properly)

	      o	 gksudo	- for running graphical	applications as	superuser

	      o	 GDM (gdmflexiserver) -	for shutdown/reboot/new	login commands

	      o	 a music player	- XMMS,	XMMS2 ,	QuodLibet, cdcd, alsaplayer or
		 MPD are supported

	      o	 graphical file	manager	- ROX-Filer or Nautilus

	      o	 gnome-session - for saving amd	restoring of your FVWM-Crystal

       Here are	URLs for applications specified	above:

	      -	FVWM

	      -	habak, trayer

	      -	stalonetray

	      -	Esetroot

	      -	hsetroot

	      -	Aterm

	      -	Eterm

	      -	URxvt

	      -	mrxvt

	      -	ImageMagick

	      -	XScreenSaver

	      -	sudo

	      -	XMMS

	      -	XMMS2

	      -	xmms-shell

	      -	xmms-find

	      -	MPD

	      -	mpc

	      -	alsaplayer

	      -	QuodLibet

	      -	cdcd

	      -	ROX-Filer

	      -	gnome-session

   Q 2.2: Can I	use FVWM-Crystal with stable FVWM branch (2.4.x)?
       A: No. Old FVWM version (so called "stable") is in fact,	old. 2.5.x se-
       ries has	many improvements over the stable tree,	 for  example  support
       for  PNG	images,	new modules, improvements in existing modules and bug-
       fixes. I	strongly encurage you to not use FVWM 2.4.x  for  FVWM-Crystal
       and install the newest unstable version.

   Q 2.3: How to install FVWM-Crystal from distributed packages?
       A:  Unpack fvwm-crystal-X.Y.tar.gz to an	empty directory. After that cd
       into unpacked directory and execute:

		       make install

       By default Crystal will be installed in /usr/local directory.  You  can
       select destination directory using:

		       make prefix=/usr	install

       After  successful  installation	you can	copy sample ~/.Xresources file
       from "addons/" directory	of the FVWM-Crystal package, if	you don't have
       one.  If	 you  use  GDM	as  your login manager,	you can	copy file "ad-
       dons/fvwm-crystal.desktop" to /usr/share/xsessions, so you will be able
       to select FVWM-Crystal as your window manager.

   Q 2.4 How to	install	FVWM-Crystal from darcs	repository?
       A:  You	need  to  create a local copy of a darcs repository by issuing

		       darcs get

       When it finishes, cd into newly created 'fvwm-crystal/'	directory  and
       issue commands:

		       darcs changes > ChangeLog
		       make install

       You can change the destination directory	as described above.

   Q 2.5: How to install FVWM-Crystal manually?
       A: Parts	of FVWM-Crystal	configuration needs to have executable bit on,
       and it's	set by the make	script.	If you can't or	don't want to use  it,
       you  can	installa FVWM-Crystal manually.	Unpack the distributed package
       or get a	darcs repository as described above, then issue	 commands  be-

	       cd fvwm-crystal
	       chmod a+rx bin/*
	       chmod -R	a+rx fvwm/Applications
	       chmod a+rx fvwm/scripts/FvwmMPD/*.py fvwm/scripts/FvwmMPD/*.sh

       Now  put	 all  files from 'fvwm/' directory in the chosen configuration
       directory. If you want to install FVWM-Crystal in your $HOME directory,
       put  the	 configuration files in	~/.fvwm-crystal	directory (without the
       'fvwm/' subdirectory!). Startup script will use them automatically.

       You can also copy ~/.Xresources or  fvwm-crystal.desktop	 as  described

       Before to run fvwm-crystal-generate-menu	for the	first time, be sure to
       read "Note on fvwm-crystal-generate-menu" and "Variables	 to  check  in
       fvwm-crystal-generate-menu"  in FVWM-Crystal README file	and follow the

   Q 2.6: How I	can select FVWM-Crystak	as my window manager?
       A: If you are using 'startx' for	running	your X session,	copy file 'ad-
       dons/Xsession'	from  FVWM-Crystal  package  to	 your  ~/.Xsession  or
       ~/.xinitrc file.	In other  words,  you  need  to	 start	'fvwm-crystal'
       script,	'fvwm' or 'fvwm2' will not work, because FVWM-Crystal has it's
       main configuration files	in different place than	FVWM.

       If you are using	GDM login manager, just	select "FVWM-Crystal"  in  the
       Session menu.

   Q 2.7: When I start FVWM-Crystal I get only the empty FVWM desktop...
       A:  Make	 sure that you have correct path to the	system-wide configura-
       tion files in 'fvwm-crystal' script. Also check if in your  ~/.Xsession
       or ~/.xinitrc the last line contains 'exec fvwm-crystal'. Select	"FVWM-
       Crystal"	as your	session	in GDM,	"FVWM" will not	work.

   Q 2.8: How can I restore a previous FVWM-Crystal session?
       A: You must install gnome-session and configure FVWM-Crystal to use it.
       When  gnome-session  is	running,  you can save the state of your FVWM-
       Crystal session by clicking on "Save session" in	the "Quit" menu.  With
       "manage session"	in the same menu, you can set gnome-session properties
       and preferences.	See Q 2.9 and Q	2.10.

   Q 2.9: How can I use	gnome-session with FVWM-Crystal?
       A:Usualy, gnome-session lauch and manage	gnome. All that	is  needed  to
       do is to	configure gnome-session	to launch FVWM-Crystal.

       1)  Install gnome-session

       2)  For	gdm,  edit  'fvwm-crystal.desktop'  from FVWM-Crystal package,
	   comment the line with

       and comment out the line	with

		Exec=gnome-session --choose-session=FVWM-Crystal
       Save the	file as	'/usr/share/xsessions/fvwm-crystal.desktop' so at  gdm
       can  see	it. Be aware at	the exact location of this file	can differ be-
       tween different linux distributions.

       3)  For startx, just put	the following in '~/.xinitrc':

		gnome-session --choose-session=FVWM-Crystal

       4)  Don't skip this step. If you	don't already have  a  '~/.gnome2/ses-
	   sion' file, just copy 'addons/session' from FVWM-Crystal package to

       If you already have a '~/.gnome2/session' file,	edit  this  file,  and
       paste  the whole	[FVWM-Crystal] section from 'addons/session'. You must
       end up with something like:

	    0,RestartCommand=fvwm2 -f /usr/bin/../share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm/config -s 0

	    whatever softwares gnome was running

       The [FVWM-Crystal] section will be used by  gdm	or  startx  to	launch
       FVWM-Crystal, the [Default] section will	be used	to launch gnome.

   Q 2.10: Can I save-restore more as one previous FVWM-Crystal	sessions?
       A: Short	answer:	No!

       Long story: Sure, you can. Launch gnome-session-properties as explained
       above (Menu "Quit" -> "Manage session").	In the first tab,  add	a  new
       session with a new name (I.e.: FVWM-Crystal-games). You will find a new
       section with that name in '~/,gnome2/session'.

       If using	gdm, make a new	desktop	file in	 '/usr/share/xsessions	(I.e.:
       fvwm-crystal-games.desktop).  The  faster  is  to copy and rename fvwm-
       crystal.desktop.	In this	new file, edit the line	that launch gnome-ses-
       sion with your new session name.

	  I.e.:	Exec=gnome-session --choose-session=FVWM-Crystal-games

       If using	startx,	modify '~/.xintirc' with the name of the new session.

	  I.e.:	gnome-session --choose-session=FVWM-Crystal-games

   Q 2.11: Why is there	no application panel on	the desktop?
       A: Do you have Python installed?	Is 'fvwm-crystal.apps' script in a di-
       rectory listed in $PATH environment variable? All  files	 in  Crystal's
       Application  Database needs to have "executable"	bit set	(all files are
       actually	scripts). You can set it by issuing command:

	       chmod -R	a+rx <installpath>/Applications

version	3.0.5			 mai 06, 2007		     FVWMCrystalFAQ(1)


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