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FLV::AMFReader(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    FLV::AMFReader(3)

       FLV::AMFReader -	Wrapper	for the	AMF::Perl deserializer

       See FLV::Info

       This is a subclass of AMF::Perl::IO::Deserializer.

       That class is optimized for Flash Remoting communications.  We are
       instead just interested in the protocol for the data payload of those
       messages, since that's all that FLV carries.

       So, this	class is a hack.  We override the AMF::Perl::IO::Deserializer
       constructor so that it doesn't start parsing immediately.  Also,	we
       pass it a string	instead	of an instantiated AMF::Perl::IO::InputStream.

       Also, as	of this	writing	AMF::Perl was at v0.15,	which lacked support
       for hashes.  So,	we hack	that in.  Hopefully we did it in a future-
       friendly	way...

	   Creates a minimal AMF::Perl::IO::Deserializer instance.

	   Returns an array of anonymous data structures.

	   Parse AMF data from a block of FLV data.  This method of very
	   lenient.  If	there are any parsing errors, that data	is just
	   ignored and any successfully	parsed data is returned.

	   We expect there to be exactly two return values, but	this method is
	   generic and is happy	to return anywhere from	zero to	twenty data.

	   Returns a populated hashref.

	   This	is a workaround	for versions of	AMF::Perl which	did not	handle
	   hashes (namely v0.15	and earlier).  This method is only installed
	   if a	method of the same name	does not exist in the superclass.

	   This	should be removed when a newer release of AMF::Perl is

	   This	is a minimal override of readData() in the superclass to add
	   support for mixed arrays (aka hashes).

	   As above, it	is only	installed if AMF::Perl::IO::Deserializer lacks
	   a readMixedArray() method.

       See FLV::Info

perl v5.32.0			  2009-03-14		     FLV::AMFReader(3)


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