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EZ_TextEndOfLine(3)		EZWGL Functions		   EZ_TextEndOfLine(3)

       EZ_TextGetPosition, EZ_TextSetMarker, EZ_TextGotoPosition, EZ_TextBack-
       wardChar, EZ_TextBackwardWord, EZ_TextBeginningOfBuffer,	 EZ_TextBegin-
       ningOfLine,  EZ_TextClear,   EZ_TextDeleteNextChar, EZ_TextDeletePrevi-
       ousChar,	 EZ_TextEndOfBuffer,   EZ_TextEndOfLine,   EZ_TextForwardChar,
       EZ_TextForwardWord, EZ_TextInsertChar, EZ_TextInsertNewLine, EZ_TextIn-
       sertString,   EZ_TextInsertStringWithProperty,	 EZ_TextKillEndOfLine,
       EZ_TextKillRegion,      EZ_TextLoadAnnotatedFile,      EZ_TextLoadFile,
       EZ_TextNextLine,	EZ_TextNextPage, EZ_TextPasteSelection,	 EZ_TextPrevi-
       ousLine,	 EZ_TextPreviousPage,  EZ_TextReDisplay, EZ_TextReplaceRegion-
       WithPixmap,  EZ_TextSaveAnnotatedText,  EZ_TextSaveText,	 EZ_TextSetRe-
       gionBackground,	  EZ_TextSetRegionFont,	   EZ_TextSetRegionForeground,
       EZ_TextSetRegionProperty, EZ_TextSetRegionUnderline,  EZ_TextGetRegion-
       String -	text widget editing functions

       #include	<EZ.h>

       int   EZ_TextGetPosition(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       int   EZ_TextSetMarker(EZ_Widget	*twidget)
       char  EZ_TextGetRegionString(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextGotoPosition(EZ_Widget *twidget, int pos)
       void  EZ_TextBackwardChar(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextBackwardWord(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextBeginningOfBuffer(EZ_Widget	*twidget)
       void  EZ_TextBeginningOfLine(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextClear(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextDeleteNextChar(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextDeletePreviousChar(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextEndOfBuffer(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextEndOfLine(EZ_Widget	*twidget)
       void  EZ_TextForwardChar(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextForwardWord(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextInsertChar(EZ_Widget *twidget, char	c)
       void  EZ_TextInsertNewLine(EZ_Widget *twidget);
       void  EZ_TextInsertString(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *str)
       void  EZ_TextInsertStringWithProperty(EZ_Widget *twidget,
			    char * str,	EZ_TextProperty	*prop)
       void  EZ_TextKillEndOfLine(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextKillRegion(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextLoadAnnotatedFile (EZ_Widget *twidget, char	*fname)
       void  EZ_TextLoadFile(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *fname)
       void  EZ_TextNextLine(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextNextPage(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextPasteSelection(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextPreviousLine (EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextPreviousPage(EZ_Widget *twidget)
       void  EZ_TextReDisplay(EZ_Widget	*twidget)
       void  EZ_TextReplaceRegionWithPixmap(EZ_Widget *twidget,	char *fname)
       void  EZ_TextSaveAnnotatedText(EZ_Widget	*twidget",char*"fname)
       void  EZ_TextSaveText(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *fname);
       void  EZ_TextSetRegionBackground(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *clr)
       void  EZ_TextSetRegionFont(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *fontname)
       void  EZ_TextSetRegionForeground(EZ_Widget *twidget, char *clr)
       void  EZ_TextSetRegionProperty(EZ_Widget	*twidget, EZ_TextProperty *prop)
       void  EZ_TextSetRegionUnderline(EZ_Widget *twidget, int udl)

       twidget	Specifies a text widget.

       fname  Specifies	a file name.

       clr  Specifies a	color name.

       fontname	 Specifies a X11 fontname.

       prop  Specifies a text property.

       Most  of	 these functions are self explanatory. They are	the basic edit
       commands	for the	EZ text	widget.

       EZ_TextGetPosition returns the position of the cursor. The position en-
       cods the	row and	column number in the following way:
		 position = (column & 0xffff) |	(row <<	16))

       EZ_TextSetMarker	 marks the beginning of	region.	The region is the por-
       tion of text between the	marker and the cursor.

       EZ_TextGotoPosition moves the cursor to the specified position.

       EZ_TextInsertStringWithProperty inserts a string	at the current	cursor
       position	 with the specified property. prop is a	text property returned
       by EZ_GetTextProperty.

       EZ_GetTextProperty(3), EZ_CreateWidget(3)

EZWGL							   EZ_TextEndOfLine(3)


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