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EZ_SendMessage(3)		EZWGL Functions		     EZ_SendMessage(3)

       EZ_SendMessage,	EZ_BroadcastMessage, EZ_ReplyMessage - send message to
       other EZWGL clients

       #include	<EZ.h>

       typedef struct {
	 Atom	    messageType;    /* message type   */
	 int	    messageLength;  /* message length */
	 char	    *message;	    /* the message    */
	 int	    messageId;	    /* message Id     */
	 int	    replyId;	    /* if request, the message id to reply */
	 int	    isReply;	    /* flag whether the	message	is a reply */
	 Window	    sender;	    /* sender's	communication window id	 */
	 Atom	    senderClass;    /* sender's	class name */
	 Atom	    senderInstance; /* sender's	instance name */
	 int	    senderIsSelf;   /* is message originated from the myself? */
       } EZ_Message;

       void  EZ_SendMessage(Atom mtype,	char *message, int length,
			    int	msgId, Window recipient, Atom rclass,
			    Atom rinstance, int	needReplay, int	isReply)

       void  EZ_BroadcastMessage(Atom mtype, char *message,
				 int length,  int msgId, int needReply)

       void  EZ_ReplyMessage(EZ_Message	*fromMsg, char *message,int length)

       void  EZ_ReplyMessageR(EZ_Message *fromMsg, char	*message,int length,
			      int replyId)

       mtype  Specifies	a message type.

       message,	length	Specifies a message and	the length of the message.

       msgId Specifies a serial	number.	Serial number is local to each	appli-
       cation so the sender has	to keep	track of it.

       needReply  Specifies whether or not the recipient should	reply the mes-

       isReply Specifies whether or not	the message is a reply to an  incoming

       recipient, rclass, rinstance Specifies the recipient.

       fromMsg Specifies the incoming message.

       replyId Specifies a serial number for other clients to reply to.

       EZ_SendMessage  sends the specified message to the specified recipient.
       This function is	rarely needed. This is the low level routine  used  by
       EZ_BoardcastMessage and EZ_ReplyMessage.

       EZ_BoardcastMessage broadcasts a	message	to all EZWGL clients.

       EZ_ReplyMessage replys an incoming message.

       EZ_ReplyMessageR	replys an incoming message, requesting the receiver to
       reply with the specified	message	id.

       EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3), EZ_AddMessageHandler(3)

EZWGL							     EZ_SendMessage(3)


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