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EZ_RegisterMessageHandler(3)	EZWGL Functions	  EZ_RegisterMessageHandler(3)

       EZ_RegisterMessageHandler,  EZ_DeleteMessageHandler - add/delete	a mes-
       sage handler

       #include	<EZ.h>

       typedef struct {
	 Atom	    messageType;    /* message type   */
	 int	    messageLength;  /* message length */
	 char	    *message;	    /* the message    */
	 int	    messageId;	    /* message Id     */
	 int	    replyId;	    /* if request, the message id to reply */
	 int	    isReply;	    /* flag whether the	message	is a reply */
	 Window	    sender;	    /* sender's	communication window id	 */
	 Atom	    senderClass;    /* sender's	class name */
	 Atom	    senderInstance; /* sender's	instance name */
	 int	    senderIsSelf;   /* is message originated from the myself? */
       } EZ_Message;

       typedef void (*EZ_MessageHandler)(EZ_Message *msgIn, void *client_data);

       void EZ_RegisterMessageHandler(Atom type, int messageId,	void *client_data,
				 EZ_MessageHandler handler, int	timeout,
				 EZ_CallBack timeoutCB,	void cdata)

       void EZ_DeleteMessageHandler(Atom type, int messageId, void *client_data,
				 EZ_MessageHandler handler)

       handler	Specifies a message handler.

       client_data  Specifies an application data to be	passed to the handler.

       messageId Specifies a serial number. Serial number is local to each ap-
       plication so the	sender has to keep track of it.

       timeout	Specifies  the life span of this handler, in seconds. The han-
       dler will be deleted after the specified	number of seconds elapses.  If
       zero or negative, the handler will have an infinite life	span.

       timeoutCB Specifies a procedure to execute when the handler expires.

       cdata Specifies a client	data to	be passed to timeoutCB.

       EZ_RegisterMessageHandler  registers  a message handler with EZWGL. The
       message handler will be invoked when a messages with the	specified type
       and  ID arrives.	If timeout>0, the handler will expire in the specified
       number of seconds; when it expires, it executes timeoutCB if supplied.

       EZ_DeleteMessageHandler deletes the  registered	message	 handler  that
       matches the specification.

       EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3),	 EZ_BroadcastMessage(3),  EZ_ReplyMes-

EZWGL						  EZ_RegisterMessageHandler(3)


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