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EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)		EZWGL Functions	       EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)

       EZ_FancyListBoxClear,	EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow,   EZ_FancyListBoxIn-
       sertRow,	    EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem,	    EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceIte-
       mUsingIdx, EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem, EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx
       - fancy listbox editing functions

       #include	<EZ.h>

       void EZ_FancyListBoxClear( EZ_Widget *flistbox)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow( EZ_Widget	*flistbox, int row)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxInsertRow( EZ_Widget	*flistbox,
		       EZ_Item **items,	int nitems, int	row)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem(	EZ_Widget * flistbox,
			EZ_Item	*olditem, EZ_Item *newitem)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItemUsingIdx(	EZ_Widget *flistbox,
		       int row,	int col, EZ_Item *newitem)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem( EZ_Widget *flistbox,
			   EZ_Item *item, int *location)
       void EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx(EZ_Widget	*flistbox,
		  int row, int col, int	*location)

       flistbox	 Specifies a fancy listbox widget.

       row  Specifies a	row index.

       col_ret	Specifies a column index.

       items  Specifies	an array of display items.

       nitems  Specifies the number of entires in items.

       olditem	Specifies a display item to be replaced.

       newitem	Specifies a display item to replace olditem.

       location	Specifies an array of two integers or NULL.

       EZ_FancyListBoxClear destroies all display items	it  currently  manages
       and clears the display.

       EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow	deletes	the specified row.

       EZ_FancyListBoxInsertRow	 inserts  the  given array of display items at
       the specified position.

       EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem replaces olditem with	newitem.

       EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItemUsingIdx replaces the item at	the  specified
       location	with newitem.

       EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem  sets the selection on	the specified item. If
       location	is not NULL, the display will be refreshed  so	that  the  se-
       lected item will	be displayed at	the given location.

       EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx behaves the same as EZ_FancyListBoxS-
       electItem except	that it	uses indices.

       EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(3),	    EZ_GetFancyListBoxItemUsingIdx(3),
       EZ_SetFancyListBoxData(3), EZ_SetFancyListBoxHeader(3)

EZWGL						       EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)


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