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DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo(library call)	   DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo(library call)

       DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo --	get detailed workspace information

       #include	<Dt/Wsm.h>
       int DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo(
       Display *display,
       Window root,
       Atom aWorkspace,
       DtWsmWorkspaceInfo **ppWsInfo);

       The  DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo  function works with the XCDE	workspace man-
       ager,  dtwm(1),	and  returns  detailed	information  on	  a   specific

       The display argument is the X display.

       The root	argument is the	root window of the screen of interest.

       The aWorkspace argument is the workspace	name (converted	to an X	atom).

       The  *ppWsInfo argument is the address of a variable to receive the re-
       turned pointer to the workspace information data.

       The DtWsmWorkspaceInfo structure	contains at least the  following  mem-

       Atom	       workspace	     The  workspace  name  (con-
					     verted to an X atom).
       unsigned	long   bg		     The pixel ID used	for  the
					     background	  color	 of  the
       unsigned	long   fg		     The pixel ID used	for  the
					     foreground	  color	 of  the
       Atom	       backdropName	     The  backdrop   file   name
					     (converted	 to  an	X atom).
					     The file must be in  either
					     X	Bitmap file format (with
					     extension .bm) or X  Pixmap
					     file format (with extension
					     .pm).  The	 workspace  man-
					     agement  services	look for
					     the  file	along  the  same
					     path   used  for  searching
					     icons.    The     directory
					     /usr/local/dt/backdrops  is
					     the  default  directory  if
					     the  file	cannot	be found
					     along the icon search path.
       int	       colorSetId	     The  colorset  number  used
					     for  this	workspace, which
					     affects the backdrop  color
					     and  the  button  color for
					     this workspace on the front

       char	       *pchTitle	     The  title	displayed in the
					     button for	 this  workspace
					     on	 the  front  panel. This
					     string  is	 interpreted  in
					     the  locale  in  which  the
					     XCDE   workspace	manager,
					     dtwm(1),  is  running.  The
					     title is different	from the
					     workspace	   name.     The
					     workspace name,  when  con-
					     verted  from  an X	atom, is
					     used as the identifier  for
					     a	  workspace    in    the
					     workspace manager	function
					     calls.  The  XCDE workspace
					     manager, dtwm(1). also uses
					     the workspace name	as a re-
					     source  name;   thus,   the
					     characters	   used	  in   a
					     workspace	name   are   re-
					     stricted  to the characters
					     in	the X Portable Character
					     Set. The workspace	name for
					     a	workspace  created  from
					     the  front	 panel is gener-
					     ated automatically	 by  the
					     XCDE   workspace	manager,
       Window	       *backdropWindows	     A pointer to  an  array  of
					     windows  that  make  up the
       int	       numBackdropWindows    The number	of  elements  in
					     the backdropWindows array.

       Upon  successful	completion, the	DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo function returns
       Success and the workspace manager returns in *ppWsInfo a	pointer	 to  a
       DtWsmInfo  structure  that  contains  information  about	 the workspace
       aWorkspace; otherwise, it returns a value not equal to Success.

       If the DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo function is	not successful,	failure	may be
       due  to	a  memory  allocation  error  or  failure  to find the correct
       workspace information (that is, the XCDE	workspace manager, dtwm(1), is
       not  running).  The  application	must use the DtWsmFreeWorkspaceInfo(3)
       function	to free	the data returned in *ppWsInfo.	 The  *backdropWindows
       pointer	may  be	 useful	 for  applications that	are interested in some
       events on the root window. Since	the backdrop covers the	 root  window,
       the backdrop catches the	button events before they reach	the root.

       Dt/Wsm.h	 -  DtWsm(5),	dtwm(1),  DtWsmGetWorkspaceList(3), DtWsmFree-

					   DtWsmGetWorkspaceInfo(library call)


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