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DtMenuButton(library call)			    DtMenuButton(library call)

       DtMenuButton -- the MenuButton widget class

       #include	<Dt/MenuButton.h>

       The  DtMenuButton  widget is a command widget that complements the menu
       cascading functionality of an XmCascadeButton widget. As	 a  complement
       to  the	XmCascadeButton	 widget, DtMenuButton can only be instantiated
       outside a MenuPane; the application must	use XmCascadeButton widget in-
       side a MenuPane.

       The  DtMenuButton  widget  belongs  to a	subclass of the	XmLabel	class.
       Visually, the DtMenuButton widget consists of a label string and	a menu
       glyph.	The  menu  glyph always	appears	on the right end of the	widget
       and, by default,	is a downward pointing arrow.

       The DtMenuButton	widget has an implicitly created submenu  attached  to
       it. The submenu is a popup MenuPane and has this	DtMenuButton widget as
       its parent. The name of the implicitly created submenu is  obtained  by
       adding  submenu_	 as  a prefix to the name of this DtMenuButton widget.
       The widget ID of	the submenu can	be obtained by doing an	XtGetValues on
       the  DtNsubMenuId  resource of this DtMenuButton	widget.	The implicitly
       created submenu must not	be destroyed by	the user of this widget.

       The submenu can be popped up by pressing	the menu post Button (see  the
       XmNmenuPost  resource of	the XmRowColumn(3) widget) anywhere on the Dt-
       MenuButton widget.

       Widget subclassing is not supported for the DtMenuButton	widget class.

       The DtMenuButton	widget inherits	behavior and resources from the	 Core,
       Composite, XmPrimitive and XmLabel classes.

       The class pointer is dtMenuButtonWidgetClass.

       The class name is DtMenuButtonWidget.

   New Resources
       The  following  table defines a set of widget resources used by the ap-
       plication to specify data. The application can also  set	 the  resource
       values  for the inherited classes to set	attributes for this widget. To
       reference a resource by name or by class	in a .Xdefaults	file, the  ap-
       plication  must remove the DtN or DtC prefix and	use the	remaining let-
       ters. To	specify	one of the defined values for a	resource  in  a	 .Xde-
       faults  file, the application must remove the Dt	prefix and use the re-
       maining letters (in either lower	case or	upper case, but	including  any
       underscores  between words). The	codes in the access column indicate if
       the given resource can be set at	creation time (C), set by using	XtSet-
       Values  (S),  retrieved	by using XtGetValues (G), or is	not applicable

       DtMenuButton Resource
       Name		       Class	       Type		Default		       Access
       DtNcascadingCallback    DtCCallback     XtCallbackList	NULL		       C
       DtNcascadePixmap	       DtCPixmap       Pixmap		XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP   CSG
       DtNsubMenuId	       DtCMenuWidget   Widget		NULL		       SG

		 Specifies the list of callbacks that  is  called  before  the
		 popping  up of	the attached submenu. The reason for the call-
		 back is DtCR_CASCADING.

		 Specifies the pixmap displayed	 as  the  menu	glyph.	If  no
		 pixmap	is specified, a	downward pointing arrow	is displayed.

		 Specifies  the	 widget	ID of the popup	MenuPane to be associ-
		 ated with this	DtMenuButton widget. The popup	MenuPane  must
		 be  created  with  this  DtMenuButton as its parent. This re-
		 source	cannot be specified at the time	 of  widget  creation.
		 The implicit submenu is automatically destroyed by DtMenuBut-
		 ton when this resource	is set.

   Inherited Resources
       The DtMenuButton	widget inherits	behavior and resources from  the  fol-
       lowing named superclasses. For a	complete description of	each resource,
       see the man page	for that superclass.

       XmLabel Resource
       Name			   Class		       Type		   Default		     Access
       XmNaccelerator		   XmCAccelerator	       String		   NULL			     CSG
       XmNacceleratorText	   XmCAcceleratorText	       XmString		   NULL			     CSG
       XmNalignment		   XmCAlignment		       unsigned	char	   dynamic		     CSG
       XmNfontList		   XmCFontList		       XmFontList	   dynamic		     CSG
       XmNlabelInsensitivePixmap   XmCLabelInsensitivePixmap   Pixmap		   XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP	     CSG
       XmNlabelPixmap		   XmCLabelPixmap	       Pixmap		   XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP	     CSG
       XmNlabelString		   XmCXmString		       XmString		   dynamic		     CSG
       XmNlabelType		   XmCLabelType		       unsigned	char	   XmSTRING		     CSG
       XmNmarginBottom		   XmCMarginBottom	       Dimension	   0			     CSG
       XmNmarginHeight		   XmCMarginHeight	       Dimension	   2			     CSG
       XmNmarginLeft		   XmCMarginLeft	       Dimension	   0			     CSG
       XmNmarginRight		   XmCMarginRight	       Dimension	   0			     CSG
       XmNmarginTop		   XmCMarginTop		       Dimension	   0			     CSG
       XmNmarginWidth		   XmCMarginWidth	       Dimension	   2			     CSG
       XmNmnemonic		   XmCMnemonic		       KeySym		   NULL			     CSG
       XmNmnemonicCharSet	   XmCMnemonicCharSet	       String		   XmFONTLIST-_DEFAULT_TAG   CSG
       XmNrecomputeSize		   XmCRecomputeSize	       Boolean		   True			     CSG
       XmNstringDirection	   XmCStringDirection	       XmStringDirection   dynamic		     CSG

       XmPrimitive Resource
       Name		       Class		       Type		  Default		 Access
       XmNbottomShadowColor    XmCBottomShadowColor    Pixel		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNbottomShadowPixmap   XmCBottomShadowPixmap   Pixmap		  XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP	 CSG
       XmNforeground	       XmCForeground	       Pixel		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNhelpCallback	       XmCCallback	       XtCallbackList	  NULL			 C
       XmNhighlightColor       XmCHighlightColor       Pixel		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNhighlightOnEnter     XmCHighlightOnEnter     Boolean		  False			 CSG
       XmNhighlightPixmap      XmCHighlightPixmap      Pixmap		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNhighlightThickness   XmCHighlightThickness   Dimension	  0			 CSG
       XmNnavigationType       XmCNavigationType       XmNavigationType	  XmNONE		 CSG
       XmNshadowThickness      XmCShadowThickness      Dimension	  0			 CSG
       XmNtopShadowColor       XmCTopShadowColor       Pixel		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNtopShadowPixmap      XmCTopShadowPixmap      Pixmap		  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNtraversalOn	       XmCTraversalOn	       Boolean		  False			 CSG
       XmNunitType	       XmCUnitType	       unsigned	char	  dynamic		 CSG
       XmNuserData	       XmCUserData	       XtPointer	  NULL			 CSG

       Core Resource Set
       Name			       Class			       Type		Default		       Access
       XmNaccelerators		       XmCAccelerators		       XtAccelerators	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNancestorSensitive	       XmCSensitive		       Boolean		dynamic		       G
       XmNbackground		       XmCBackground		       Pixel		dynamic		       CSG
       XmNbackgroundPixmap	       XmCPixmap		       Pixmap		XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP   CSG
       XmNborderColor		       XmCBorderColor		       Pixel		XtDefaultForeground    CSG

       XmNborderPixmap		       XmCPixmap		       Pixmap		XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP   CSG
       XmNborderWidth		       XmCBorderWidth		       Dimension	0		       CSG
       XmNcolormap		       XmCColormap		       Colormap		dynamic		       CG
       XmNdepth			       XmCDepth			       int		dynamic		       CG
       XmNdestroyCallback	       XmCCallback		       XtCallbackList	NULL		       C
       XmNheight		       XmCHeight		       Dimension	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNinitialResourcesPersistent   XmCInitialResourcesPersistent   Boolean		True		       C
       XmNmappedWhenManaged	       XmCMappedWhenManaged	       Boolean		True		       CSG
       XmNscreen		       XmCScreen		       Screen *		dynamic		       CG
       XmNsensitive		       XmCSensitive		       Boolean		True		       CSG
       XmNtranslations		       XmCTranslations		       XtTranslations	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNwidth			       XmCWidth			       Dimension	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNx			       XmCPosition		       Position		0		       CSG
       XmNy			       XmCPosition		       Position		0		       CSG

   Callback Information
       A pointer to the	following structure is	passed	to  each  DtMenuButton

       typedef struct {
	       int     reason;
	       XEvent  *event;
       } XmAnyCallbackStruct;

       The  reason  argument indicates why the callback	was invoked; it	is al-
       ways DtCR_CASCADING when	the DtNcascadingCallback is issued.

       The event argument points to the	XEvent that triggered the callback  or
       NULL if the callback was	not triggered by an XEvent.

       DtCreateMenuButton(3),  Core(3),	 XmLabel(3), XmPrimitive(3), XmRowCol-
       umn(3), XtGetValues(3), XtSetValues(3).

						    DtMenuButton(library call)


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