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Dpkg::Changelog::Parse(3perl)	 libdpkg-perl	 Dpkg::Changelog::Parse(3perl)

       Dpkg::Changelog::Parse -	generic	changelog parser for

       This module provides a set of functions which reproduce all the
       features	of dpkg-parsechangelog.

       $fields = changelog_parse_debian(%opt)
	   This	function is deprecated,	use changelog_parse() instead, with
	   the changelog format	set to "debian".

       $fields = changelog_parse_plugin(%opt)
	   This	function is deprecated,	use changelog_parse() instead.

       $fields = changelog_parse(%opt)
	   This	function will parse a changelog. In list context, it returns
	   as many Dpkg::Control objects as the	parser did create. In scalar
	   context, it will return only	the first one. If the parser did not
	   return any data, it will return an empty list in list context or
	   undef on scalar context. If the parser failed, it will die.

	   The changelog file that is parsed is	debian/changelog by default
	   but it can be overridden with $opt{file}. The default output	format
	   is "dpkg" but it can	be overridden with $opt{format}.

	   The parsing itself is done by a parser module (searched in the
	   standard perl library directories. That module is named according
	   to the format that it is able to parse, with	the name capitalized.
	   By default it is either Dpkg::Changelog::Debian (from the "debian"
	   format) or the format name looked up	in the 40 last lines of	the
	   changelog itself (extracted with this perl regular expression
	   "\schangelog-format:\s+([0-9a-z]+)\W"). But it can be overridden
	   with	$opt{changelogformat}.

	   If $opt{compression}	is false, the file will	be loaded without
	   compression support,	otherwise by default compression support is
	   disabled if the file	is the default.

	   All the other keys in %opt are forwarded to the parser module

   Version 1.03	(dpkg 1.19.0)
       New option: 'compression' in changelog_parse().

   Version 1.02	(dpkg 1.18.8)
       Deprecated functions: changelog_parse_debian(),

       Obsolete	options: $forceplugin, $libdir.

   Version 1.01	(dpkg 1.18.2)
       New functions: changelog_parse_debian(),	changelog_parse_plugin().

   Version 1.00	(dpkg 1.15.6)
       Mark the	module as public.

1.19.7				  2019-04-19	 Dpkg::Changelog::Parse(3perl)


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