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Dpkg::Source::Package(3)	 libdpkg-perl	      Dpkg::Source::Package(3)

       Dpkg::Source::Package - manipulate Debian source	packages

       This module provides an object that can manipulate Debian source
       packages. While it supports both	the extraction and the creation	of
       source packages,	the only API that is officially	supported is the one
       that supports the extraction of the source package.

       $string = get_default_diff_ignore_regex()
	   Returns the default diff ignore regex.

	   Set a regex as the new default diff ignore regex.

       @array =	get_default_tar_ignore_pattern()
	   Returns the default tar ignore pattern, as an array.

       $p = Dpkg::Source::Package->new(filename	=> $dscfile, options =>	{})
	   Creates a new object	corresponding to the source package described
	   by the file $dscfile.

	   The options hash supports the following options:

		   If set to 1,	do not apply Debian changes on the extracted
		   source package.

		   If set to 1,	do not apply Debian-specific patches. This
		   options is specific for source packages using format	"2.0"
		   and "3.0 (quilt)".

		   If set to 1,	the check_signature() method will be stricter
		   and will error out if the signature can't be	verified.

		   If set to 1,	the check_checksums() method will be stricter
		   and will error out if there is no strong checksum.

		   If set to 1,	the extraction will copy the upstream tarballs
		   next	the target directory. This is useful if	you want to be
		   able	to rebuild the source package after its	extraction.

	   Returns the filename	of the DSC file.

	   Returns the list of files referenced	by the source package. The
	   filenames usually do	not have any path information.

	   Verify the checksums	embedded in the	DSC file. It requires the
	   presence of the other files constituting the	source package.	If any
	   inconsistency is discovered,	it immediately errors out. It will
	   make	sure at	least one strong checksum is present.

	   If the object has been created with the "require_strong_checksums"
	   option, then	any problem will result	in a fatal error.

       $bool = $p->is_signed()
	   Returns 1 if	the DSC	files contains an embedded OpenPGP signature.
	   Otherwise returns 0.

	   Implement the same OpenPGP signature	check that dpkg-source does.
	   In case of problems,	it prints a warning or errors out.

	   If the object has been created with the "require_valid_signature"
	   option, then	any problem will result	in a fatal error.

	   Extracts the	source package in the target directory $targetdir.
	   Beware that if $targetdir already exists, it	will be	erased (as
	   long	as the no_overwrite_dir	option is set).

   Version 1.02	(dpkg 1.18.7)
       New option: require_strong_checksums in check_checksums().

   Version 1.01	(dpkg 1.17.2)
       New functions: get_default_diff_ignore_regex(),
       set_default_diff_ignore_regex(),	get_default_tar_ignore_pattern()

       Deprecated variables: $diff_ignore_default_regexp,

   Version 1.00	(dpkg 1.16.1)
       Mark the	module as public.

1.18.24				  2017-05-17	      Dpkg::Source::Package(3)


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