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Dpkg::Source::Format(3perl)	 libdpkg-perl	   Dpkg::Source::Format(3perl)

       Dpkg::Source::Format - manipulate debian/source/format files

       This module provides an object that can manipulate Debian source
       package debian/source/format files.

       $f = Dpkg::Source::Format->new(%opts)
	   Creates a new object	corresponding to a source package's
	   debian/source/format	file. When the key filename is set, it will be
	   used	to parse and set the format. Otherwise if the format key is
	   set it will be validated and	used to	set the	format.

       $f->set_from_parts($major[, $minor[, $variant]])
	   Sets	the source format from its parts. The $major part is
	   mandatory.  The $minor and $variant parts are optional.

	   Notice: This	function performs no validation.

       ($major,	$minor,	$variant) = $f->set($format)
	   Sets	(and validates)	the source $format specified. Will return the
	   parsed format parts as a list, the optional $minor and $variant
	   parts might be undef.

       ($major,	$minor,	$variant) = $f->get()
       $format = $f->get()
	   Gets	the source format, either as properly formatted	scalar,	or as
	   a list of its parts,	where the optional $minor and $variant parts
	   might be undef.

       $count =	$f->parse($fh, $desc)
	   Parse the source format string from $fh, with filehandle
	   description $desc.

       $count =	$f->load($filename)
	   Parse $filename contents for	a source package format	string.

       $str = $f->output([$fh])
	   Returns a string representing the source package format version.
	   If $fh is set, it prints the	string to the filehandle.

	   Save	the source package format into the given $filename.

   Version 1.00	(dpkg 1.19.3)
       Mark the	module as public.

1.19.7				  2019-04-19	   Dpkg::Source::Format(3perl)


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