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       Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian -	represents a Debian changelog entry

       This object represents a	Debian changelog entry.	It implements the
       generic interface Dpkg::Changelog::Entry. Only functions	specific to
       this implementation are described below.

       @items =	$entry->get_change_items()
	   Return a list of change items. Each item contains at	least one
	   line.  A change line	starting with an asterisk denotes the start of
	   a new item.	Any change line	like ""[ RaphaA<<l Hertzog ]"" is
	   treated like	an item	of its own even	if it starts a set of items
	   attributed to this person (the following line necessarily starts a
	   new item).

       @errors = $entry->parse_header()
       @errors = $entry->parse_trailer()
	   Return a list of errors. Each item in the list is an	error message
	   describing the problem. If the empty	list is	returned, no errors
	   have	been found.

	   Obsolete method. Use	parse_header() instead.

	   Obsolete method. Use	parse_trailer()	instead.

	   Normalize the content. Strip	whitespaces at end of lines, use a
	   single empty	line to	separate each part.

       $src = $entry->get_source()
	   Return the name of the source package associated to the changelog

       $ver = $entry->get_version()
	   Return the version associated to the	changelog entry.

       @dists =	$entry->get_distributions()
	   Return a list of target distributions for this version.

       $fields = $entry->get_optional_fields()
	   Return a set	of optional fields exposed by the changelog entry.  It
	   always returns a Dpkg::Control object (possibly empty though).

       $urgency	= $entry->get_urgency()
	   Return the urgency of the associated	upload.

       $maint =	$entry->get_maintainer()
	   Return the string identifying the person who	signed this changelog

       $time = $entry->get_timestamp()
	   Return the timestamp	of the changelog entry.

       $time = $entry->get_timepiece()
	   Return the timestamp	of the changelog entry as a Time::Piece

	   This	function might return undef if there was no timestamp.

       $bool = match_header($line)
	   Checks if the line matches a	valid changelog	header line.

       $bool = match_trailer($line)
	   Checks if the line matches a	valid changelog	trailing line.

       @closed_bugs = find_closes($changes)
	   Takes one string as argument	and finds "Closes: #123456, #654321"
	   statements as supported by the Debian Archive software in it.
	   Returns all closed bug numbers in an	array.

   Version 1.03	(dpkg 1.18.8)
       New methods: $entry->get_timepiece().

   Version 1.02	(dpkg 1.18.5)
       New methods: $entry->parse_header(), $entry->parse_trailer().

       Deprecated methods: $entry->check_header(), $entry->check_trailer().

   Version 1.01	(dpkg 1.17.2)
       New functions: match_header(), match_trailer()

       Deprecated variables: $regex_header, $regex_trailer

   Version 1.00	(dpkg 1.15.6)
       Mark the	module as public.

1.19.7				  2019-06Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian(3perl)


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